Buy Antique Furniture from trusted Antique Dealers

Good quality, genuine antique furniture is getting more and more difficult to find in today’s marketplace and it is difficult to know if the piece you are viewing is a good buy or a bad buy, especially if you do not have any knowledge about antiques. If you are not careful you can loose a lot of money when buying from non trustworthy dealers who sell reproductions as genuine or if they are not open and honest and let you know if the item is a marriage (made up of different parts) with bad repairs etc.

But here at Driscolls Antiques ltd selling on antiques world, we are LAPADA members and we describe these things so you know what you are about to purchase. We only deal in quality antique furniture that we clean and preserve the original finish. We stock furniture from the Georgian, Regency, Edwardian and Victorian periods including antique chairs, antique tables, beds, bureaus, lamp tables, wine tables and much, much, more.

If you need advice for buying antiques then here are a few tips –

Research can help a lot; you can do this through books or the internet and also look into the company you are buying from. ie. How many years of trading has the company been going, how the overall stock looks in the shop.  Ask questions about the pieces and see your answers are done with confidence and knowledge. Buy what you like the look of and make sure it is usable and sturdy. Ask is there any later additions on the antiques or later restoration on the piece.

Also we would not recommend buying from auction unless you fully check over the item in the flesh, as you may discover some bad or disguised damage. You have no come back with auction houses, you will then have to arrange your own carriage and you will also have to arrange to have the restoration completed and his can be very expensive. We offer you the full service including guarantees that you will not receive from auctions.

Here at Driscolls antiques world we clearly display prices, full description with condition report and show clear photos on the website. We also offer a money back guarantee so if you are not buying form us make sure these options are available elsewhere as there is nothing worse than buying a mistake and cannot return it.