Antique Cupboards & Cabinets

Here at Discolls antiques Ltd we have some of the finest Antique cabinets and cupboards for sale, beautifully restored with UK and worldwide delivery available. We stock Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian periods in fine woods such as Mahogany, Rosewood, Oak and Walnut.

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  • Magnificent Marsh, Jones & Cribb Figured Burr Walnut Victorian Antique Credenza

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  • Unusual Shoolbred Figured Oak Antique Cupboard

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  • Seventeenth Century Period Panelled Oak Antique Coffer

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  • Beautiful Country House Figured Oak Small Antique Coffer

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  • Fine Quality Regency Rosewood Antique Chiffonier

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  • Fine Quality Mahogany Regency Bow Fronted Antique Sideboard

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  • Fine Victorian Marble Topped Antique Chiffonier / Side Cabinet

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  • Magnificent Quality Concave Front Antique Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier / Sideboard

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  • Spectacular Quality Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Glazed Display Cabinet on Cupboard

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  • Unusual Small Bow Fronted Antique Mahogany Victorian Side Cabinet

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  • Spectacular Exhibition Quality Maple & Co Inlaid Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet

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  • Victorian Painted Pine Antique Dresser Base / Sideboard

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The History
In the 17th century the English side cabinet on stand appeared, fitted with several drawers, cupboards and secret compartments enclosed by a pair of panelled decorated with marquetry inlay was fashionable. The 18th century furniture designers created the ‘china display cabinet’ to show the fine oriental porcelain, frequently decorated in the chinoiserie style to match the items within. By the mid 19th century the ownership of porcelain items was no longer just for the very rich, now far more people aspired to the possession of things worthy of display and several new ceramics factories both at home and abroad worked to satisfy this growing appetite. The result was an explosion of designs for antique display cabinets, some dripping with ormolu; some richly inlaid in fine woods or cut brass, others in the style of Sheraton and Adam and wall hanging.

Antique Display China Cabinet

More country cupboards were produced in the Victorian period in simple designs like the Arts & Crafts house keepers or the harness design some polished and occasionally painted. The Edwardian era was a time of new design in Antique Furniture with pieces being made to store sheet music designed by renowned makers such as Maple and Co to matching pairs of Bedside Cabinets, in beautifully figured walnut with fitted marble and French Art Nouveau influences.

Antique Bedside Cupboards