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Antiques World offer quality Furniture Wax, Furniture Polish & Wood Wax finishes. Our antique furniture wax is what we use to revive and bring our antiques back to their former glory. Our traditional wood wax polish is made from natural Beeswax, ideal for furniture and antique clock restoration. We stock brands including Priory Polishes, Osmo, Fiddes and Liberon. These can be used on Oak, Pine, Mahogany and all other woods.


Antique Furniture Wax is one of the earliest forms of Wood polish on record, used for 100s of years on wood surfaces. Wood Wax was first developed from Beeswax. Beeswax has been around for 1000s of years and is the earliest form of furniture polish, recorded in history.

Bees Wax Furniture Polish

Beeswax can be seen as far back as Egyptian times, used in tombs in pyramids in the form of figures. It has been discovered in Roman ruins on timber and even on the wood on Viking ships, used as a waterproof.  In ancient Rome it was used to create death masks, bows on musical instruments and also for cosmetics.

It is not recorded in history, when a polishing wax for wood surfaces was first used, but it has been used as a furniture wax since pre- biblical times. In the 14th century, beeswax wood polish was recorded, being used for parquetry floors in France. In the 17th century it was recorded as being used on musical instruments such as Violins.

It wasn’t until the Georgian times that beeswax for wood became the main form of wood finishing wax. This was because Cabinet makers such as Thomas Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite, all produced catalogues with new and interesting furniture designs. They were polished using different methods such as French polish and then finished using waxes as a protective layer. This could then maintain the furniture by adding extra layers when necessary as Beeswax never goes bad, it can be heated and reused. Wax was an inexpensive way to maintain furniture. This kind of furniture polish was used throughout the 18th and 19th Century and is still used today as it is a non toxic, natural product that acts as a wood polish like no other material.

Bees Wax

What is the best furniture wax for antique furniture?

Our extensive list of restoration materials can all be used to revive and bring your antique furniture and antique clocks back to its former glory. These are quality finishing products are what we personally use to clean and restore our antique furniture so we know they work.

As we have been restoring antique furniture for over twenty years, we decided to sell the best quality restoration materials on our website. We stock beeswax in all shades, ideal as use as a general furniture polish and other interesting repair kits.

Most people ask us what is the best furniture wax for antique furniture? Well, this really depends on the type of wood you are working on and the finish you are looking to achieve. I personally think the Priory polishes, finishing wax offers the best finish but before using this, I would highly recommend to clean the surface first using the polish reviver. This will remove all the years of dirt, dust and build up before applying the furniture polish. You will be amazed with the results that you can get and the life you can bring back into your timber.

Furniture Wax