Horological Supplies / Clock Restoration

Horological Supplies and Clock Restoration materials to restore old clocks, antique clocks, watches and clock mechanisms. Our products are used by watchmakers, clock makers and other professionals involved in the repair, restoration and creation of watches, clocks, and other timekeeping devices.


Clock restoration has been going on for Centuries, with the first ever mechanical clock being recorded in the 14th century. The pendulum clock was then invented in 1656 and from this date forward, so many beautiful antique clocks were made.

Clock Oil

Choosing the correct clock oil is essential to keep your clock movement working correctly. We do offer a superb quality Clock Oil by Priory polishes in two variations. The Turret oil is for heavy mechanisms like a turret clock whereas the clear is for Grandfather clocks and mantle clock mechanisms. It can also be used on watch mechanisms.

Cleaning a clock mechanism

There are two amazing products that you can use to clean a clock mechanism. The first is a clock cleaning Fluid made with ammonia. This is a concentrated fluid that can remove grease, oil, dirt and tarnish. This fluid has been used on the TV show ‘BBC Repair Shop’ and it is so effective it can be used for a variety of other metal cleaning. We also offer a Clock Cleaning Solution with no Ammonia so it is not as potent in smell. It is not quite as strong as the ammonia based solution but still very effective.

Other Horological Supplies

We have lots of other interesting products for clock restoration. The Clock Case Restorer is perfect for a wood case. It cleans and revives the original finish and patina and enhances the original finish. It removes years of dirt, grime effortlessly and is simple and easy to use. For your clock dials we offer a silvering powder, used to re-silver you brass clock dial. Many more products are available so have a browse through our website and we are always here to advise what is best for your restoration project.