Antique Sofa Tables were an evolution of the pembroke table as they have the same drop leaves on the sides but they are longer in design and had a slightly different purpose. The Sofa table was designed to sit just behind or to the side of a sofa, used as a side table but as it was standing on castors. This was so it could be easily moved in front of the sofa, in order to serve tea, playing card games or for writing. As antique sofa tables have curved legs, it could be pulled slightly under the sofa, making it comfortable to use and the turned cross stretcher was usually positioned higher, so not to get in the way of your legs. The front will often have two working drawers with decorative brass handles on the front, whilst the opposite sides are mirrored with faux drawers, so it can be placed in the centre of a room if desired. The pedestals can sometimes have beautifully ornate acanthus leaf carvings and an unusual turned cross stretcher spanning between them. They are quite elegant antique tables and the best examples are in more exotic timbers like Rosewood with fine inlays or in good quality Mahogany with the original finish having a lovely lustrous patina. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.