Osmo Oil, used for interior and exterior wood. We offer the full range from the renowned Polyx oil in various tints to door oil and top oil. Osmo wood finishes come in various effects from Clear Satin, Matt or Raw and we have UV protection for exterior projects. We also offer cleaners, brushes, application pads and wood fillers.

Osmo Door Oil

Osmo Door Oil – 1 Litre

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Osmo Top Oil
Osmo Top Oil

Osmo Top Oil – 500ml

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Osmo have been established since 1878 so they have real experience in creating a wonderful wood finish. Osmo Oil is a suburb wood finish that is well known across all wood working trades including furniture restorers. They use natural ingredients to create high quality wood oils that can be used on many projects around the home.

Osmo Polyx Oil

Osmo Polyx Oil is one of the most popular products as it can be used on so many wood surfaces from floors, furniture, staircases and much more. Polyx Oil Clear comes in a clear or many different shades to create unique colours to your wood. It only takes around24 hours to touch dry and is very easy to apply. Polyx oil creates a protective layer against liquids, dirt and general wear and tear. It also offers some slight heat resistance.

Osmo Oil for Doors

Osmo Door Oil is the perfect application for interior doors and it comes in two variations, either a clear or raw. Being made from natural ingredients like sunflower oil, soybean oil and thistle oil it is a good wood friendly product. The final finish will offer resilience to moisture, muck and dirt and unlike some other varnishes, this will not crack, peel, flake or blister. It works extremely well on solid Oak doors and also Oak veneered doors. The reason it can be used on veneered doors is because it has very little solvents so this will not damage the glue under the veneer.

Osmo Oil for Exterior use

Osmo oil uv protection, is the most suitable for exterior use as this will offer a micro-porous barrier on your wood to create a water resistant finish. It also allows the wood to ‘breathe’ and this reduces the chances of the wood from swelling or shrinking. This is often used on outside cladding including cedar cladding along with doors and windows.

Osmo Oil for worktops

For kitchen worktops, one of the best products available is Osmo Top Oil. This comes in a selection of shades and sheens although the most popular is Clear. Osmo top oil is food safe when fully dry, so it is ideal for kitchens or wood surfaces that food preparation is done. It is extremely easy to apply with a brush or easy pad and as it has been made from natural plant oils and waxes, it is more eco friendly than many other alternatives.

Osmo Oil