Metal Cleaning / Colouring

Metal cleaning solutions and Metal colouring fluids available for your restoration needs. We offer various metal cleaning solutions for Brass, Copper, Silver and Gold. We also offer an antiquing fluid for ageing and creating a patina on metal. After treating metal, we highly recommend to add a protective coat of Jade oil to stop future tarnishing.


Metal polish first began in the late 19th century when metal was used in many day to day household objects. These were in the forms of waxes, paint and specialist cleaning powders.

Metal Polish

Metal Polish has been used for centuries to keep the likes of Silver, Bronze, Copper, Steel and Brass clean. We offer many different metal polishes including our metal cleaner that can be used on nearly all metals. Our Brass cleaning solution works extremely well by soaking your metal into the liquid and this will remove years of grease, muck and grime. It is often used in clock restoration to clean mechanisms. We also offer other products including a rust remover metal shine and Brass Lacquer to cover all your restoration needs.

Brass Cleaner & Copper Cleaner

Brass Cleaner and Copper Cleaner is often used on antique metal wear including, handles, castors, coins, coal scuttles and many more. Brass polish and Copper Polish can come as a cleaning solution in a liquid form to remove tarnish and grime. We have a good selection of tried and tested products to clean Brass and copper. Priory Polishes No1 Brass Cleaning Solution is used for cleaning heavily tarnished Brass. It is diluted to create a solution to dip your metal items and removes years of dirt and grime. Priory Polishes Metal Cleaner 500ml is applied by hand to remove tarnish easily and restore the original appearance. Our Brass Polishing Cloth is used on not too heavily tarnished items as a maintenance cloth. Antiquax Brass and Copper Bath comes with 5 easy to use packets. It is a simple to use solution that requires little effort. Antiquax Copper and Brass Polish is a cleaner made from natural ingredients. It can help to remove discolouration without damaging the surface.

Add Patina to Metal

If you are looking to add a patina and age metal then we have a superb solution to colour metal. The metal antiquing fluid will age new metal items like door handles, light fittings and much more. We have created a step by step guide on how to Age and Patina Copper or Brass. When you finished colouring your metal, we highly recommend adding a coat of Jade oil as this will further protect and seal the colour. It also helps to remove moisture, therefore will help stop the rusting process.