Wood Filler

Wood filler used in woodworking and carpentry to repair and restore damaged wood before finishing. Wood filler is used to fill gaps, cracks dents, dings and holes. We offer a wide selection including wax filers, 2 part filler, grain filler and interior or exterior wood filler in various shades to colour match.


Wood filler has been made and used for centuries by master craftsmen. Today we can offer a wide selection of different wood fillers for professional woodworkers and DIY at home.

Interior Wood filler

We have a good selection wood fillers used for repairing wood and also used in antique furniture restoration. These are all for interior use and most can be used under your chosen finish. Brummer is a traditional wood filler mainly used in furniture restoration and is often used in repairs before polishing. Because of the wide variety of colours on offer, you can match it to almost any wood. Osmo wood filler is similar in the choice of colours but is more used on interior woodwork like wooden floorboards or doors before oiling. This is water based so is not full of solvents unlike many other brands. Liberon also offer a water based paste filler that can be used on holes and deep scratches as it can be sanded flat before polishing.
If you are just looking to fill the grain of your wood before French polishing, then we do offer Rustins Grain filler. It fills the wood grain so you can achieve a smoother flatter finish. This can help to create a glass like French polished surface without the grain showing through.

Wax Filler Sticks

One of my favourite fillers to use, especially when repairing and restoring antique furniture is a Wax Filler Stick. They can come in so many shades and colours so can be suitable for any job. They can be used to disguise scratches, small holes and chips in your furniture. The easiest to use is Repair king as it comes with a plastic spatula to apply. Liberon offer a really good selection to suit all your wood colours. Liberon wax filler sticks can be used before polishing or for finished surfaces. They also offer Shellac filler sticks that create a harder shinier finish. This can be used before polishing or on surfaces with a high sheen. Their Gilt filler Sticks are perfect for the repair of gilding on furniture and antique mirrors.

Exterior Wood Filler

For exterior use, I would highly recommend Brummer exterior wood filler as once dry, it produces a waterproof barrier on your wood. It comes in a large amount of different shades so you can match as closely to the wood that you are filling. This filler has been used on exterior windows, doors, garage doors, garden furniture and much more. It is easy to use and sands very well when dry. Rustins also offer a two part wood filler that comes with an additional hardener to create a strong filled repair. This can be used on exterior wood with a very fast drying time. Once dry, it can be drilled and screwed into as it makes a really solid filled area.