Antique Armchairs

Stunning Antique French Upholstered Walnut Armchair

Antique Armchairs come in the form of carver arm chair to a more comfortable upholstered wing Chair. They originally would have been stuffed with anything from wool to straw to provide a sort of comfort, but this changed to horsehair in the 17th century. In 1828 techniques changed by adding coiled springs and this made antique armchairs far more comfortable to sit on. This lead to more comfortable overstuffed chair designs that became far more popular so demand was high. This is why you can see more of this style available today. Anything from leather, knot-pile fabric to more fine silk or needlework was used to upholster them. Today, antique chairs mainly get reupholstered using a more simple plain fabric, but done in the traditional manner and by trying to keep as much as the original stuffing as possible. This keeps them as authentic as possible but allowing them to fit in with modern living. Antique armchairs are usually very comfortable, especially if they still have the original removable cushion. They are very well constructed with solid frames as good solid woods were readily available throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale below.

Antique Armchairs for Sale

Styles of Antique Armchairs

Below are a few examples of previously sold Arm Chairs, but if any particular style looks of interest please let us know as we do get many similar designs in stock and we can try to locate something similar.

This upholstered antique Victorian armchair, dates from around 1880 and is newly reupholstered. It has a slight winged back, fixed seat cushion and sits on splayed back legs and beautifully turned front legs. All the legs are mahogany and retain the original brass castors. The chair has been professionally reupholstered in a lovely cream jacquard linen fabric supplied by ‘Art of the Loom ‘.

Upholstered Antique Victorian Armchair

These Walnut French Fauteuils are superb examples and have fabulous decorative carvings on the exposed walnut with an ornate top to the back finished with carved finials. They stand on delightfully turned front legs and slightly out-swept back legs. They have been upholstered in a very regal fabric with matching braid trim, all of which is in a very good, clean condition.

Quality Pair of Antique Walnut French Fauteuils.

This comfortable, Howard Style Victorian Armchair is extremely comfortable. It has a winged back with curved arms and a loose, feather filled deep seat cushion, professionally reupholstered in a Morris Wool Stripe fabric.

Superb Quality, Comfortable, Howard Style Victorian Antique Armchair. 

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