The Antique Console Table would have originally only had two front legs and permanently be attached to the wall. These magnificent antique tables were used to decorate the hall or a formal reception room in your home. Antique console tables were used as part of the architecture of the room and decorated to match with ormolu or gilded finish along with intricate carvings. They originated from France and Italy in the 17th Century but soon became fashionable in Britain in the 18th Century. It was during the late Georgian and Regency periods that these quality antique tables became free standing and were made from more solid figured timbers like Mahogany, Oak or more interesting woods such as Rosewood or Walnut. Antique console tables were very expensive pieces of furniture especially in the Pier Table design. This is where a console table would have a pier mirror above to reflect light into the room. The mirrored Glass was extremely expensive as it was difficult to make and had a very high tax to stop it being imported into Britain, so only the very wealthy could afford such a special piece of antique furniture. This is why console tables are usually so well built with interesting features and solid woods. The Victorian and Edwardian eras brought great demand in well designed console and side tables but usually in smaller sizes, so these are more easily placed in modern homes.  These would be more highly decorated with inlay and have unique dual features like concealed games surfaces. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.