French Polish

French polish is a traditional form of polishing wood used as far back as the 17th Century. We offer a good selection of French polishes made from Shellac by brands such as Priory polishes, Liberon and Rustins. This includes a French polishing Kit that comes with a brush, Rubber and shellac polish.


French Polishing is a long-established finishing method that has been used throughout the Centuries to create a glass like finish. This is done by the application of very thin layers of shellac polish using a rubber and oil for lubrication. This then builds up to a high quality finish that adds a depth and colour to the wood, whilst enhancing the grain.

French Polish Supplies

Here at antiques world we have a large selection of French polish supplies including a French polish kit that has everything you need to get an amazing finish on your furniture. This is especially effective when used on antique furniture, as most pieces would have been polished in this manor when first made. If you would like to see a guide how to create a beautiful finish, see this article on ‘how to French polish‘. It shows all the different methods, including how to use grain filler, sanding sealer and how to use a polishing rubber.

We also offer a French Polish Reviver that can clean and restore the original finish. This can often restore the original polish to a high shine, whilst also adding a depth and colour back into the wood. We highly recommend doing this rather than stripping and polishing if the wood is revivable as it is always best to keep the original finish where possible.