Jewellery Cleaner

Jewellery cleaner to clean and restore the appearance of your precious metals made from Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum. Our jewellery cleaning solution will remove tarnish, dirt, oils, grime and other types of buildup that can accumulate on jewellery over time and help to keep a beautiful shine. We Offer a selection of silver polish and gold polish to clean your cherished Jewellery.


Jewellery can be seen as far back as 3000BC as stone amulets with floral designs. Today Jewellery is made from precious metals and stones and can not only look pretty but also act as a future investment. To help maintain and keep your beautiful items clean, we have a few options below.

Jewellery cleaner for Silver

Silver Cleaner and Silver Polish is often used on antiques, cutlery, silver Jewellery and Coins. We have a good selection of tried and tested products to clean silver. We offer a wide selection for cleaning silver jewellery and the best product will depend on how much tarnish your silver has. For very light tarnish, we do have a silver polishing cloth and this is ideal for cleaning small smaller objects. It can also work as a maintenance jewellery cleaner cloth if you want to add a quick shine to your silver. For more heavily tarnished items, I would recommend a metal cleaner. Metal cleaner is simple to use jewellery cleaning liquid, as you add the solution to a cloth and rub over the silver to remove the tarnish. This will work on sterling silver and most silver plated items. Antiquax offer three products, Silver Bath, Silver Polish and Silver Dip. These all work very well to clean tarnished jewellery.

Jewellery cleaner for Gold

Gold Cleaner and Gold Polish is often used on antiques, gold Jewellery and Coins. We have a good selection of tried and tested products. For gold we do offer some very good products including our Gold Polishing Cloth for light cleaning. This works on all carrots of gold and white gold as it is impregnated in Rouge. Professional Jewellers prefer to use Jewellers Rouge Powder as the Iron Oxide will also remove minor scratches and marks. Antiquax offer a Gold cleaner dip that is acid-free so can also be used on gemstones, diamonds and platinum. This jewellery cleaner solution can be used at home and works really well with the cleaner cloth.

Jewellery Cleaner for Ultrasonic Machines

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners are very popular as they are easy to use and can create amazing results. We do offer a food quality Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning Solution that works really well in these machines. It is for use in cleaning most jewellery including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Inorganic and gem stones. It removes years of tarnish, grease and dirt with ease. This is often used by many professional jewellers but also by people at home. It is a concentrated solution so a little will go a long way in your jewellery cleaner machine.