Fiddes wax polish and Wood finishes include their Hardwax oil in a superb range of colours . The Fiddes Supreme wax polish range is ideal for unfinished wood and the Mellow Wax range is perfect for previously finished pieces of furniture. Fiddes Hard Wax oil is world renowned for its quality and comes in various different tinted colours, used for wood work around the home including kitchens and floors.


Fiddes wax is one of the best furniture polishes on the market. Fiddes and Sons have been creating waxes and restoration materials, since 1900 in Wales and have continued for four generations.

Fiddes Wax Oil Finish

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil comes in either a clear satin or also a nice selection of colours in their tints range. The Hard Wax Oil is made from a natural blend of oils and waxes to produce a good durable protection to your wood surface, without masking the grain of the timber. Once dry, it will produce a water resistant finish that can handle foot traffic and will not crack, peel, blister or flake. This is perfect for use on all wood around the home including kitchen work tops, wood Islands, wood flooring and furniture. It can also be a nice finish coat after Liming Oak. The tints are often used on furniture like tables and chairs to create decorative finishes, with anything from a white to grey shades.

Fiddes furniture Wax Polish

Fiddes wax is the ideal furniture polish for new woods to antique furniture finishes. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is ideal furniture and woodwork around the home that has no previous finish. This will create a nice shine and can be easily maintained by adding thin coats of wax in the future. You can also add this onto ready waxed pieces of furniture to enhance the beauty of your wood. This comes in well known colours like Stripped pine and Rugger Brown. Fiddes Mellow Wax polish is more suited to antique furniture or wood that has an existing finish. This range has been made from beeswax and comes in a good selection of colours including Clear, Rich Mahogany (red tones), Georgian Mahogany (brown tones), English Oak or for darker woods, Jacobean. Whichever you decide to use, you will be really pleased with the finished results. It works on all woods and works especially well if you use a polish reviver first before use. The polish reviver removes all the years of dirt and grime so when you wax after this process you get a beautiful finish and shine to your timber.

Protect the Patina of Wood with Fiddes Wax

Antique furniture wax has been used for hundreds of years as it was one of the first furniture polishes used. Fiddes furniture wax is a good example of a traditional wax still used today on antique furniture due to the fact it has very good natural protective qualities and it provides protection to the surface of the wood. It also enhances the beauty of wood by giving a nice sheen and enhances the colour and grain.

You cannot reproduce an original aged patina on antiques and modern spray polish can actually damage and dull this finish. This is why wax Fiddes wax is so popular on antiques as it cleans and enhances the finish rather than dulling it. It is not necessarily the best furniture finish for protection against water on table tops etc. but it does act as a good barrier. It can also easily be removed easily and then re applied if necessary. Fiddes wax also acts as a dust and pollutant barrier, as dust can dull the wood and make your piece of furniture look lifeless. This wax will also offer some scratch resistance. As with all waxes, it is recommended to build thin layers rather than thick layers as this is easier to buff off to get the best sheen.

Fiddes Wax