Liberon Wax polishes and wood care products from oils, French polishes and fillers. The Liberon wood care range includes the popular Black Bison Wax in a paste wax or liquid form. Their range of French polishes come in clear, button polish or as a black ebonizing polish. We also offer oils for wood floors like Danish oil, Teak oil and Linseed oil.


Liberon was established in 1912, selling wax finishes for the woodworking and furniture trade. They now specialise in the manufacture of quality restoration materials that we offer for sale and also use when restoring our antique furniture.

Liberon Wax Range

Liberon Black Bison wax comes in either a wax paste or liquid wax. This product is made from a select blend of waxes and comes with a wonderful scent. Not only will it improve the natural beauty of the timber but it will also add a protective layer to the wood. The liquid wax will offer the same benefits but will help to mask light marks and scratches. There is also a liquid wax with pure Turpentine available that offers a hard-wearing finish, perfect for internal wood around the home like doors, staircases and skirting boards.

Liberon Decorative waxes

The Home Colour Care range will offer something different as it creates a decorative metallic finish so ideal for more modern pieces of furniture. This wax creates a silky sheen with shimmering reflections in unique colours available. It also nourishes and protects the wood, whilst offering resistance to some stains.
Liberon Liming Wax is perfect when you are trying to create a white wash effect on Oak or pine. This white wax paste is used along with a liming brush to open the grain. This is ideal for modern timbers but can also look amazing on antique oak furniture.
We also offer special effects wax in either Black or Verdigris. The Black wax can be used to age wood, create a patina effect and also cover repairs in the wood. The Verdigris Wax offers green hues simulating the look of oxidised copper or brass. This is very effective when used on wood mouldings or carvings, bronzes and alabaster.

Liberon French Polish

Liberon French Polish is made from quality Shellac, ideal for interior wood and antique furniture. We offer all types of French polish used successfully by furniture restorers to produce a quality finish. Liberon French Polish can be applied with a French Polishing Mop or with a polishing rubber. Our range includes –

  • Liberon Special Pale French Polish is a transparent Polish that is made from the finest pale de-waxed shellac. It is ideal for lighter colour woods if you want to enhance the existing natural colour and grain.
  • Liberon Button Polish is a traditional, high quality Polish that is golden brown in colour. This is mostly used on traditional antique furniture as it creates warmth to the finish.
  • Liberon Garnet Polish is a high quality; dark brown stained Shellac French Polish that is used to create an aged effect on woods and antique furniture. It helps to darken the wood and hide the grain
  • Liberon Black Polish is a black-stained, high quality French Polish that is used to ebonise wood. It produces an opaque, jet black finish.

Liberon French Polish

Liberon Wood Oils

Liberon Have produced quality Wood oils for all types of interior woodwork and furniture. This is ideal for wood restoration for interior and exterior projects and works perfectly as furniture oil.

Liberon Finishing Oil is for use on all interior woods and furniture. It is used to nourish and enhance the natural colour of the wood and it is suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom as it is a water resistant.

Liberon Teak Oil is a blend of pure, high quality Tung oil and Linseed oil mix. This nourishes, protects and enhances the natural beauty of the wood especially on exotic oily hardwoods like Teak and Rosewood. It also comes with UV filters for protection against fading from sunlight so can also be used on exterior garden furniture. Teak Oil will nourish, protect and enhance wood and is suitable for interior and exterior use, to produce a hard wearing, satin finish.

Liberon Superior Danish Oil is a blend of pure, high quality Tung oil and natural oils that feed, enhance and protect woods. It can be used on hard or soft woods along with interior or exterior use. It is water, heat and alcohol resistant so is ideal for indoor or outdoor furniture. Danish oil will enhance the natural grain of the wood and also provide UV filters to stop fading from the sun.

Liberon Pure Tung Oil is a quality pure and natural, non-toxic oil for wood care. It can be used on interior or exterior use as it is highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. It provides a long-lasting Matt finish. Pure Tung Oil is ideal for furniture and kitchen worktops as it is resistant to water, alcohol and food acids.

Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil is used to give a mellow finish; it restores and enhances the natural wood. It is ideal on new or bare interior as a traditional sealer before waxing.

Liberon Raw Linseed Oil is a traditional lubricant in used in French polishing as it helps to create a smooth glass finish. It can also be used for nourishing and protecting exterior woods on hardwood along with oiling cricket bats etc. Raw Linseed Oil is mainly used to treat exterior woods with a hard or close grain. It is often used to treat garden furniture, hockey sticks and cricket bats.

Liberon Wood Oils