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Antique Writing Tables for sale on Antiques World in traditional designs. Buy Antique Writing Tables from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods, built by master craftsmen and beautifully restored.

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The History of Antique Writing Tables

Antique Writing Tables can bee seen as far back as the Georgian period but were far more commonly used in the Regency and Victorian periods. These come in many different designs, often long with a leather top and larger examples are known as a Library table. The writing table would have been built by skilled cabinet makers, made to order by wealthy clients as writing was for the more educated Gentleman or Lady. As these were special pieces of antique furniture, they would have only been built using the finest woods like Rosewood with brass inlay to more solid figured Mahogany standing on solid brass castors so could easily be moved around the home.

Spectacular Quality Victorian Large Antique Mahogany Writing Table / Desk