Antique Dining Tables

Quality Antique Dining Tables for sale on Antiques World. Buy Antique Extending Dining Tables in the Wind Out design from the of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods.


Antique Dining Tables come in many different styles and sizes, dependant on what period they were made in. The earliest forms were from the Georgian period in a drop leaf design called the gate-leg table. These were usually made from Oak with two drop leaves that extended to a larger size on a swinging support.

Antique Gate Leg Table

Towards the end of the 18th Century, cabinet makers produced a large antique dining table in the form of two side console tables that joined onto a central drop leaf table using brass D clips. This made a very large dining table to seat ten to twelve people.

Large Georgian Mahogany D end Antique dining Table

Victorian Dining Tables

Antique Wind Out Tables are a Victorian design of dining table with a unique feature. As dining was such a big part of the 19th Century home, a large dining table was essential to accommodate lots of dinner guests. This became a problem as it would take up too much room in the dining room, so Victorian cabinet makers came up with an ingenious idea. They would fit a mechanism under the table to enable it to extend and close to different lengths. This was done with a crank or wining handle and this was turned at one end of the table. This twisted a spiral bar (called a corkscrew mechanism) that pulled the table open, enabling you to add additional leaves into the centre. This mechanism was mainly built by a company called Joseph Fitter from Birmingham who also built castors and other metal works especially for antique furniture. Overall Antique wind out tables are a super example of Victorian craftsmanship, very versatile as they could have up-to four central removable leaves providing the owner with a variety of options regarding the length of the table, dependant on the amount of guests visiting. When closed, these tables creates a more intimate oval dining experience compared to the grand and impressive setting that the fully extended version generates.

Victorian Antique Dining Table

Antique Extending Dining Tables

You can see a few examples of different types of Antique Extending Dining Tables below from different periods.

From the 19th Century this Large Golden Oak Extending Wind-Out Table dates from around 1880 in the Victorian period. It is a fabulous golden shade of oak and oozes quality, it maintains a real ‘presence’ in a room, definitely a statement piece. It stands on four chunky turned legs with brown porcelain castors and is in super condition.

Golden Oak Maple & Co Victorian Antique Extending Dining Table

This Walnut Dining Table has a  fabulously grained top. It is supported by four delightfully turned reeded legs which stand on quality brass cup castors.

Edwardian Walnut Antique Extending Dining Table by Selbat

Other examples would include this 12ft Mahogany Antique Extending Dining having the original makers stamp of Waring & Gillows of Liverpool. The top has a decorative moulded edge with three central removable leaves and comes complete with winding handle and winding mechanism (stamped by the renowned ‘Joseph Fitter’). It stands on four elegantly tapering moulded legs with spade feet and is extremely flexible for seating plans, being able to close down to a very practical table for four or extend up to very comfortable table for ten or even twelve for those special occasions.

Huge Quality Edwardian Walnut Gillows Extending Antique Dining Table