Antiquax offers the original wax polish and specialist cleaning products for Wood, Metal, Marble, Stone, Floors, Glass and Crystal. Their Antiquax original wax polish is ideal for use in antique furniture restoration and the Liquid Wax Floor Polish is popular on traditional wood floors as it is silicone free. We offer the full range with postage and packaging around the UK.


Established in 1922 by Mr Elliot, Antiquax created Fine Furniture Polishes for skilful woodworkers and antique restorers. This was then widely used in auctions, stately homes, museums and by wealthy antique collectors around the world.

Antiquax polish for Furniture

Antiquax offer a wide range of polish for wood furniture including their renowned original wax polish. This is a Paste Wax Polish that is made from beeswax and carnuaba. This wax is suitable for all different wood shades on bare stripped wood to finished wood and works particularly well on lighter shades. This unique polish is also available in an easy to use aerosol with your daily cleaning routine. If you use this on a regular basis it will help to maintain a nice sheen on your furniture and also help to prevent the wood from drying out due to central heating.

For darker shades of wood, try using Antiquax Brown Wax as it has all the benefits of the above but also has a nice shade to add a tone of colour to your finished timber. This is ideal for use on antiques when you want to colour in minor marks and scuffs. It can also help to colour areas of fading from sunlight.

Antiquax furniture Cream is made from a blend of natural waxes and silicones that effortlessly provide a nice shine to wood furniture. It can enhance the natural grain of the wood whist adding a depth to the finish.

Antiquax Leather Care

Antiquax offer a selection of leather care products including a touch up Re-Colouring Balm in three distinct colours. This balm will restore faded Leather by rubbing the colour back into the worn areas. This works well on areas that have been faded by sunlight or has heat damage. It can be used on new or antique leather, so perfect for desks, furniture, chairs and settees. It is always best to add a finish coat of Antiquax Leather Cream to add a protective layer and keep the leather clean and supple. You can then use this on a regular basis for maintenance. If your piece is very dirty, try cleaning with leather soap first to remove dirt and grime.

Antiquax Metal Cleaning

There is a wide variety of metal cleaning product by Antiquax used for cleaning Gold, Silver, Brass and Copper. For Jewellery there are three very useful products, a Gold dip, Silver Dip or silver bath. These cleaners will remove tarnish with no rubbing required. There is also a silver polish with non abrasive cleaning and polishing properties to minimise surface wear. For other metals we have two different products. Brass and Copper Bath is a simple to use product that cleans and polishes fast and easily. No rubbing is required and it cleans and shines in just a few minutes. Copper and Brass Polish is used to clean without being abrasive to the metal so tarnish is removed without eroding the surface. This is often used on items around the home like door handles, decorative antique items and ornaments.