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Antiques World has a wonderful selection of collectables from treen, antique boxes to beautiful Tea Caddies. They were used in the Georgian and Regency periods to store and lock away tea, this was to stop any servants stealing it due to its high expense. We also have lovely Antique Writing Slopes, usually made in rosewood, mahogany or walnut. These very interesting pieces and had little stationary compartments, ink well and pen holder. You often see these examples slightly changed into Jewellary boxes which can be very useful and decorative in today’s marketplace. Some country pieces are constructed from Oak or Pine like the antique candle box in the arts and crafts design. These were mainly period pieces or early Victorian and were used to store candles in the days without electricity. These beautiful items can make wonderful gifts, especially on a special occasion and you do find the more interesting the wood, the nicer the article.
I love small wooden objects as they are not only very decorative but also very useful for many different uses throughout the home. They are nice small antiques that can be given as gifts to loved ones and they can be a nice way of keeping a sense of history within your home.