Antique coffers are plain and simple country pieces of period antique furniture and are one of the earliest forms of furniture on record. The coffer would usually be constructed from planks of solid oak with a hinged lid and be of simple pegged construction or with the old iron clout nails. They will often have a small hinged compartment on the inside for storing candles. Period antique coffers are mainly seen from the 17th and early 18th century and although are very simply made, they are very strong and robust so have stood the test of time. This is why you can see some stunning examples still in good original condition full of lovely charm and character. They were built as dual purpose, storing goods such as bedding or silver and also a surface for sitting on or using as a side table. Domed topped or ark coffers have a dome shaped lid which can be removed and reversed for kneading dough. The mule chest is basically a form of the coffer but with drawers below and often used for the storage of horse equipment. Here on Antiques world we sell some stunning antique chests for sale and you can see our latest selection of coffers here, or look at the few examples we have for sale below.