The antique settee also known as antique sofas were extended versions of the armchairs of the period. Most were upholstered or like Chippendales examples had wooden backs in two to four sections, repeating the single chair back. It was from around 1770 when the first fully upholstered settee appeared, and then the Regency couch or day bed was designed up to the exuberantly carved Victorian chaise-longue. The Victorian period also produced the large heavy buttoned back chesterfield settee sometimes in leather upholstery. Victorian seating was designed for comfort so during this period the settee is usually well padded with often comfortable loose cushions and had coiled springs in the construction. Fabrics used were anything from tapestry to weaved but with modern homes, many are re-upholstered to a more neutral fabric to make them more suitable for today’s interiors. Have a look below at some of our beautiful antique chairs for sale along with good examples of antique settees.