Chippendale antique furniture

Thomas Chippendale the antique furniture cabinet maker 1718-79

Thomas Chippendale is a joiners son from Otley in Yorkshire which is very close to where we are based in Clithereoe, Thomas Chippendale was a son of carpenter John Chippendale, and did his apprenticeship with his farther. He moved to London when he was around 20 years old and he set up a workshop near Covent Garden market and this is where he began designing some beautiful pieces of Chippendale furniture.

The Chippendales huge influence was because of, The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director, published in 1754, a book of fashionable and desirable English furniture 
This was the first ever catalogue by a cabinet maker dealing exclusively with furniture. It showed all different designs such as Chinese, Rococo and Gothic styles. It showed cabinet makers a practical way how they could apply fashionable detail to their work and this is where the Chippendale style started as most of the pieces were not made by Thomas Chippendale himself, most pieces were copied from this book of designs. He produced some of his finest work for the designer Robert Adam and his work was well known, in Britain but also across the USA.

The antiques Trade use specific terms to describe such furniture –

An item of antique furniture described as ‘Chippendale’ was actually made by Thomas Chippendale but this is extremely rare to find and also very expensive to buy an original piece.

An item described as being Chippendale period was made during the Chippendale period but not by Thomas Chippendale.

An item described as Chippendale-style is a later copy, very often done in the Edwardian era when his designs were very ‘in vogue’.

Chippendale style antique furniture is still copied today and some very good pieces were made in the Edwardian period, and these pieces are affordable and a good investment for the future.

We get some stunning examples from across all the periods and it is always best to see what we have in stock but here are some good examples of current Chippendale design furniture.

Chippendale Design Antique Edwardian Carver Armchair / Desk Chair


Fine Quality Edwardian Solid Mahogany Cockpen Antique Desk Chair

Large Chippendale Design Antique Edwardian Mahogany Glazed Display Cabinet.

Edwardian Walnut Chippendale Design Antique Bookcase



Quality Edwardian Chippendale design Walnut Large Antique Wind-Out Dining Table.

Quality Edwardian Chippendale design Walnut Large Antique Wind-Out Dining Table.

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  1. Have a very very dirty little table cabriole legs ball and claw like feet pie crust scalloped top, its heavy for such a little table should I try and clean it to see if its a cheap and nasty reproduction or see if I can sell it? Found lots similar but none with pie crust and scalloped. Been on internet for ages and it looks lot like Queen Anne but has the funny claws over a ball feet and carving at the top of leg. I am a grandma living in Cairns Australia so limited knowledge about these things somhave had to check it up myself. Hope you can advise me re cleaning etc.

    1. Hi
      I would probably get a local antiques dealer or auctioneer to check it first before cleaning it, as if its a very early piece you may de-value it by cleaning it incorrectly

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