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antique bridge tables

Antique Bridge Tables

Antique Bridge Tables were designed from the early 18th Century Georgian period on-wards for the card game Bridge. Bridge was most popular in the Victorian and Edwardian periods and was…
Large Quality Victorian Oak Antique True Partners Desk

Antique Partners Desks

The Antique Partners Desk was first seen in the late Georgian period in Britain. It was designed for professionals with larger offices, like banks, solicitors and accountants. These new larger…
Early 18th Century High Back Antique Oak Settle

Antique Settles & Benches

The Antique Settle, is a wooden very early period antique bench, usually with open arms and a high back. Antique settles are English pieces of furniture and were always constructed…

Antique Refectory Tables

Antique Refectory Tables are a long, heavy solid table, usually constructed in old Oak, Walnut or more unusual examples in elm or fruit-wood with stretchers around the base. They were…
Antique Hall Tables

Antique Hall Tables

Antique Hall Tables, also known as an Antique Telephone Table was a long slim piece of furniture often similar to the console table in design but this stands on four…
Copper Coal Bucket

Antique Coal Buckets – Coal Scuttle

The Antique Coal Bucket or also known as the Antique Coal Scuttle is a decorative bucket shaped container made to hold and carry coal in. They are generally made from…
Antique Mule Chests

Antique Mule Chests

Antique Mule Chests were a form of Coffer, primitively built using old clout nails or wooden pegs and having a hinged lid. The difference between them, is they have two or…
Antique Loo Table

Antique Loo Tables

Antique Loo Tables were a 19th Century Victorian design of table originally built for the 17th century trick taking card game loo also known as Lanterloo. This design then became…
Antique Open Bookcase

Antique Open Bookcases

First seen in the 18th century, Antique Open Bookcases are one of those useful pieces of furniture that can house a large book collection, without the hassle of having to…