Antique Painted Chest

Antique Painted Chest of Drawers

The antique painted chest is a chest of drawers that is over 100 years old and has some form of paint finish. The most sought after are in the original paint finish with lots of charm and character from years of use. We also supply good quality period chest that have been re-painted and worn through using a form of chalk paint. If done correctly and worn through in the correct areas, you can find it quite difficult to tell the difference. We then wax these antique painted chests by hand to achieve a nice smooth finish. The earlier Georgian chests are very popular with bracket feet and original decorative brass handles. The 19th Century Victorian examples with rounded corners and turned handles can also look just as good. Its nice to leave the top on this type of antique painted chest in the original polish, as having a contrast of a Mahogany top above a painted base can look stunning. With all our painted pieces we try to keep them in as original condition as possible but when we re-paint them we ensure they still have characterful features and finish them beautifully by hand. Because we take such care to create such a nice paint finish, it can actually take us longer to do this than French polishing!  Have a look at some examples we currently have for sale below.

Antique Painted Chests For sale

Styles of Antique Painted Chests

Here are a few examples that we have sold in the past to show you the designs that we get in stock. This Georgian Painted Antique Chest Of Drawers dates from around 1790 and have a real country feel complimented by the antiqued paint and wax finish. They are of lovely small proportions and have two over three graduating oak lined cock beaded drawers with brass swan neck handles and key with working lock.

Georgian Painted Antique Chest Of Drawers

This Country Regency Painted Chest circa, 1830 has a caddy top, two over three graduating cock beaded drawers with turned handles and stands on shaped bracket feet with a shaped lower apron.

Country Regency Antique Painted Chest Of Drawers

This Victorian Country Painted Antique Chest Of Drawers has a moulded top with rounded corners above two over two graduating drawers with the unusual original glass handles.

Victorian Country Painted Antique Chest Of Drawers

This 19th Century Antique Chest has been finished using a Blue Chalk paint and wax finish. They have lots of graduating  drawers ideal for storage with beautifully turned walnut  handles and  key with several working locks.

19th Century Antique Chest with Blue Chalk paint finish

This practical Painted antique dresser base chest has a real country farmhouse feel complimented by the antiqued paint and wax finish. It has a rectangular Mahogany top with half round moulded edge. This was left in the original colour to add a beautiful contrast to the painted base. This is a stunning piece of antique furniture.

Antique Painted Dresser Base
Mahogany Top

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