The Antique Circular Table or Round Table comes in many forms from a small occasional table to a larger dining table. The earliest forms were from as far back as the famous King Arthur’s round Table in the 15th Century.  The early Georgian period was the first time the round table was started to be made on a larger scale, usually in Oak or other more primitive locally sourced timbers used to sit candles on or for writing at. As time progressed the Late Georgian and Victorian era, introduced more rich timbers  like Mahogany, Rosewood and figured walnuts often with fine inlay or carved decorations on the edges. Antique circular tables were the most well used form of table throughout history as they are such a useful design, they can fit anywhere in the home and be used for simple things like to place a lamp on, your glass of wine to being able to use them for dining on if you have a smaller party of people. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.