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Antiques are Green

Antique Furniture is Eco-Friendly

There are many reasons to buy antique furniture but here are a few reasons that you may not have thought of. Antique furniture is officially environmentally friendly A report by…
Decorative Victorian Country House Original Painted Antique Bergere Arm Chair

Antique Bergère Chairs

Antique Bergère Chairs are Caned Victorian French armchairs also known as a fauteuil (meaning armchair in French) having upholstered armrests and usually with a loose cushion.  The sides, base and…
Druce & Co

Druce & Co Antique Furniture

Druce & Co were renowned antique furniture cabinet makers and furniture restorers based in Baker street London. They would make, upholster and restore furniture for the wealthy clientele throughout the…
Antique Chess Tables

Antique Chess Tables

During the Victorian period Antique Chess tables were high in fashion as chess was a great way of entertainment. The Game of chess dates back over 1000 years, but was…

Antique Stools

Antique Stools are one of the earliest forms of seating dating as far back as the the Middle ages and Egyptian times. In Britain the antique stool was commonly used…