The Antique Partners Desk was first seen in the late Georgian period in Britain. It was designed for professionals with larger offices, like banks, solicitors and accountants. These new larger desks had a working bank of drawers and cupboards on both sides enabling two people to sit and work at them on either side comfortably and facing each other. Antique partners desks were real statement pieces and came with a generous sized knee hole, ideal to fit an office chair. These pieces of antique furniture were built for professional tradesmen or senior officials meaning they were high up in society. This meant they are usually constructed from superb quality timbers and no expense would have been spared in making them. Antique partners desks will also have high quality brass wear, along with leather tops and made from solid timbers such as Mahogany, Oak or Walnut. The quality and finish of these desks are superb made to exacting standards. A modern equivalent would cost around £10 k to be made to a bespoke order. Our antique partners desks offer the potential buyer a chance to own an original for a fraction of the cost. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.