The Antique Settle, is a wooden very early period antique bench, usually with open arms and a high back. Antique settles are English pieces of furniture and were always constructed of Oak or other locally sourced woods. They were mainly built in the Early 17th Century, simple in construction with clout nails or pegs. They occasionally have simple carvings and raised fielded plain panels on the back. They were an adaptation of the joint chair, but made longer so more people could fit on them. They are usually very characterful pieces as they got heavy use, being found in pubs, taverns or working farmhouses, so they can have the most amazing charm about them. Later Victorian examples, had a lift up seat with internal storage, ideal to place your shoes in, after a hard days work. Antique benches were similar in construction with the same timbers used but less likely to have the additional storage and were mainly found in the kitchen or hall way. Have a look below at our lovely examples of antique benches and chairs available for sale.