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Antique Work Table

Antique Work Table

The Antique Work Table or ‘Work box’ was also known as a sewing box. It was an essential piece of antique furniture for the Victorian Lady, where she would keep…
Antique Washstands

Antique Washstands

Antique washstands were designed to hold a Jug and basin set, to either sit on top of the furniture or sometimes was fitted into the washstand top. Antique washstands were…
Victorian Walnut Antique Hall Stand

Antique Hall Stands

Antique Hall Stands are free standing pieces of antique furniture often seen in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. They were built by 19th Century cabinet makers in Oak, Mahogany…
Antique Dressing Tables

Antique Dressing Tables

Antique Dressing Tables, also known as ‘Vanity Table’ evolved from the washstand. In the mid 18th Century the antique washstand became a piece of free standing furniture made of Mahogany.…
Striking Figured Walnut Victorian Inlaid Antique Centre / Side Table

Antique Inlaid Furniture

Antique Inlay on furniture can come in many different forms from floral, animal to marquetry or parquetry. These inlays were mainly done on some of the finest pieces of antique…
Antique Tea Table

Antique Tea Tables

The antique tea table was popular from the late 17th Century right through to the Victorian era. Antique tea tables come in many different forms, from small rectangular in shape…
Antique Chiffoniers

Antique Chiffoniers

Antique Chiffoniers are pieces of antique furniture that were built in the early to mid 19th Century of the Regency, William IV and Victorian periods. It is a small antique…
Unusual Chinese Import Padauk Antique Secretaire Campaign Chest

Antique Campaign Chests

Antique Campaign Chests also known as an Antique Military Chest was introduced in the late 18th Century during the Napoleonic wars. These classic chests were built by cabinet makers to…
Pembroke Table

Antique Pembroke Tables

Antique Pembroke Tables are a style of a small antique table first seen in the 17th Century but became more commonly used in the Georgian period. The antique Pembroke Table…