Antique Hall Tables, also known as an Antique Telephone Table was a long slim piece of furniture often similar to the console table in design but this stands on four legs and quite often will have one or two drawers in the front or sides. They were mainly built in Oak or Mahogany were produced in the Victorian and Edwardian periods often in the Arts and Crafts designs. Due to their slim, tall appearance, they are very useful and stylish, so can really be placed anywhere in the home but were originally only built to stand in a hallway. Furniture makers like Gillows of Lancaster and Maple & Co, specialised in such tables and often built them to the customers specification, but these are quite hard to come by as they are very sought after and collectable.  Here at Antiques world, we do get good traditional antique tables in stock, along with hall furniture.  Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.