The Antique Coal Bucket or also known as the Antique Coal Scuttle is a decorative bucket shaped container made to hold and carry coal in. They are generally made from Brass or Copper with a swinging handle and was popular in the Victorian and Edwardian Arts and Crafts period. Today they have many uses from a nice looking waste paper bin, a planter, a wine holder or to store coal, logs or kindling by the fireside. They come in many different shapes from the cylindrical to the helmet shape, and the best have decorative features like studs around the edges or interesting rivet detailing. These stunning 19th Century antique coal buckets can sometimes come with their original shovel, having a turned wood handle and is stored on the sides with a metal strap. As they are genuine antiques, they come with the expected marks and character from age and use, this just adds to the charm you want to see with an item over 100 years old. Have a look below at our lovely traditional examples available for sale or email us with your requirements as we regularly get these beautiful and decorative antique pieces in stock.