Antique Wine Tables & Lamp Tables

Antique Lamp Tables

One of the most popular pieces of antique furniture is either the antique wine table or the antique lamp table as they are so small they can fit anywhere in your home. Antique Wine tables first appeared in the Georgian and Regency eras in solid imported Mahogany and locally sourced Oak. These would have had a circular or rectangular shaped top and stand on a decoratively turned pedestal with splayed legs. The best Examples would have been constructed in one single piece of timber with a moulded edge called a ‘Dish Top’. These would Tilt on a brass mechanism, sometimes having a bird cage which means that it can swivel around three hundred and sixty degrees. Antique Lamp tables from the 19th century Victorian and Edwardian eras have slightly more decoration like inlays and high quality figured burr woods like Walnut or Rosewood. New shapes and designs appeared like the unusual pie crust edge, ball and claw feet, barley twist pedestals and hexagonal tops with striking segmented mirrored veneers. These versatile antique tables are ideal on the side of your settee with your glass of wine or as use to stand your lamp on, they are not only very stylish but also dainty in size. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale or to see our full selection click Here.

Antique Lamp Tables For sale

Styles of Antique Lamp Tables

Below are a few examples of previously sold Antique Lamp Tables but if any particular style looks of interest please let us know as we do get many similar designs in stock and we can try to locate something similar.

Georgian Examples on a Centre Pedestal and fairly plain in design with tilting tops.

Georgian Dish Top Antique Lamp Table / Wine Table

This regency lamp table has a figured top with drawer below for added storage, elegant and practical.

The 19th Century Victorian Wine Tables would have Inlay and decorative features. The woods used would be more decorative like a Rosewood or Burr Walnut.

Spectacular Victorian Inlaid Walnut Antique Wine Table

Other more rare woods were used like Yew with segmented tops and a spiral twist column or a Pie crust edge around the top.

Rare Victorian Yew Antique Wine / Lamp Table
Pie Crust Edge Antique Lamp Table

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