Antique Bergère Chairs are Caned Victorian French armchairs also known as a fauteuil (meaning armchair in French) having upholstered armrests and usually with a loose cushion.  The sides, base and back of these chairs will be caned with wicker and the frame is usually turned, carved in woods such as Walnut, fruitwood, Beech and will be finished in a painted or gilded decoration.  The design of the Antique Bergère Chair first appeared in the late 17thduring Louis XIV’s reign in France. These were mainly in the heavy Baroque style to begin with but then they evolved into finer lighter designs in the 18th Century. During the Victorian period, comfort was the main factor so more upholstery with cushions was added and decoration included fine carvings and turned legs. If you are interested in buying Antique Bergère Chairs, please see the examples we have below for sale along with a few previously sold examples that we carefully clean and revive using a natural wax finish.