Antique Stools are one of the earliest forms of seating dating as far back as the the Middle ages and Egyptian times. The antique stool was more well known and used in the 17th century mainly in rural farm houses; kitchens or public rooms with three legs of a simple trestle construction. The later Georgian stools resembled the base of chairs built during this period, consisting on a single upholstered seat and standing on four decorative carved legs.

Since the Georgian period different designs were made to fulfil many different uses, especially in the Victorian era. The piano stools was revolving so could be adjusted to different heights making it more comfortable for the musician. This same design was used in the bedroom for the dressing table stool, although these would usually be more decorative with carvings and have comfortable upholstery, occasionally with needlework tapestry. Stools are one of those useful pieces that do not take up much room in your home but come in handy when you have extra guests so are quite popular pieces of antique seating. Have a look below at our lovely examples of antique stools available for sale and if we do not currently have what you are looking for, why not join our mailing list and this will update you with newly added stock.