The antique Georgian Desk is a piece of antique furniture built between the periods of 1714 to the later Regency period of 1830. Georgian desks were mainly in the form of a bureau with a fall front, or as a fixed pedestal desk with a central cupboard door. Georgian desks in the pedestal form were originally used as a ladies dressing table combined with a piece of writing furniture. These were made in woods such as Mahogany or very occasionally Walnut and are quite a small neat size. As Georgian desks are such early pieces of furniture, they usually come with beautiful country charm and character. They come with features like a figured cross-banded top and unusual examples have a pull out brushing slide. This design fell out of favour until the Edwardian period, when cabinet makers started copying the same design again, as they had an interest in older designs. It is always best to find this style of period antique desk in the original condition with the authentic quality brass handles and not over restored. Here at Antiques World, we try to keep our antiques as original as possible. We clean and restore the original finish using traditional methods of waxing, ensuring the patina has a lovely shine. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.