Gillows of Lancaster & Waring & Gillows Furniture

Gillows of Lancaster & Waring & Gillows Furniture

Every antique furniture enthusiast has heard of the name Gillows, due to the very high standard of craftsmanship and unique design of the pieces of furniture they constructed. Robert Gillow was the founder of Gillows and began cabinet making and finishing furniture from 1731 onwards after he had finished his apprenticeship as a joiner and cabinet maker. He actually became a Freeman of Lancaster in the year 1728 and went into business partnership with George Haresnape. He had two sons who joined him in his business Richard and Robert. These two sons expanded the business to London to where many of the wealthiest buyers lived and this is where the firm quickly got recognized to be one the best cabinet makers of their time. In the 1740s, Gillows chartering ships to import mahogany from the west indies and Jamaica and this is why the timber used was of such good quality as it was old slowly grown solid woods, woods you cannot see in today’s marketplace.
Gillows not only used timbers such as solid mahogany, but unusual veneers and painted designs such as japanning. They often made upholstered chairs, so had their own upholsterers and cabinetmakers.
Amazingly not only did the produce there own fantastic designs but they also used other well known designs such as Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite. They also were creators of unique furniture like the trou-madame, a ladies version of a billiard table. It invented the extending telescopic dining table, the revolving top library table and secretaire drawers.
The Davenport desk was one of their most famous inventions, a small ladies desk first produced for captain Davenport. Gillows also made linen presses, chest of drawers, small occasional tables all the way to coffins. This lead to them becoming one of the richest families in England of the time.
The firm continued as Gillows until the early 1900s. They had overtime diversified to offer the complete interior design for your home from furniture, metalwork, stained glass, wallpaper, upholstery bespoke pieces including cabinet work for some larger homes, Libraries and offices.

Towards the late Victorian era finances were becoming difficult with the new influx of mass produced furniture and so they joined together with Waring of Liverpool. In 1903 Waring took over Gillows, and the brand Waring & Gillow was borne. They diversifies again into not only quality furniture but also the luxury ships liner market. This went on for  quite a few years but it didn’t last long enough as the market place changed again and unfortunately the company went bankrupt. It was then taken over by Maple & Co, to become Maple, Waring and Gillow, three major cabinet makers throughout history joined together from large greatness down to a small firm but it was not to last.

What to look out for when searching for a genuine Gillows piece of furniture.

Unfortunately a very large portion of Gillows furniture was not stamped so you see many pieces associated to Gillows, due to the style, and design. The Gillows stamp can sometimes be seen under table tops, on the top edges of drawers, on the back legs of chairs or sometimes the signature would be written in pencil under drawer linings by the cabinet makers of the firm. You can look in the Gillows books to see the names of cabinet makers to reference with their signatures.  The earliest marks were in the form of a printed label ‘Gillow and Taylor’ and this is very rare to find as they would rip or fall off over time. ‘Gillows Lancaster’ stamp was seen from the  1780s  up to around the 1850s/60s, when it was changes to ‘Gillow’. In the 1860s, the mark consisted of a capital L, and a serial number with Gillows Lancaster could be seen. Late Victorian pieces produced the stamp ‘Gillow & Co’ and then Waring & Gillow along with a small brass plate. sometimes it can be seen on brass fittings such as locks.

Antiques World always has a fine selection of Gillows or attributed to Gillows furniture for sale and so it is worth looking through our inventory. Previous examples include –

Spectacular Quality Chippendale Period Gillows Antique Georgian Mahogany Linen Press

Spectacular Quality Chippendale Period Gillows Antique Georgian Mahogany Linen Press Spectacular Quality Chippendale Period Gillows Antique Georgian Mahogany Linen Press

Spectacular Regency  Quality Large Gillows Antique Dining Table

Spectacular Regency Quality Large Gillows Antique Dining Table Spectacular Regency Quality Large Gillows Antique Dining Table

Spectacular Regency Quality Large Gillows Antique Dining Table

Genuine Antique Gillows Mahogany Writing Table.




Rare Stunning Quality Regency Gillows Mahogany Antique Writing / Library / Dining Table

This table is based on the design for a ‘Universal’ table published by Thomas Sheraton in his Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing-Book, London, 3rd Edition, 1802, pl.25. Sheraton wrote that ‘The use of this piece is both to answer the purpose of a breakfast and dining-table. When both the leaves are slipped under the bed, it will then serve as a breakfast table; when one leaf is out, as in this view, it will accommodate five persons as a dining-table and if both are out, it will admit of eight, being near seven feet long, and three feet six inches in width’.

Rare Stunning Quality Regency Gillows Mahogany Antique Writing / Library / Dining Table Rare Stunning Quality Regency Gillows Mahogany Antique Writing / Library / Dining Table

Spectacular Gillows Mahogany Antique Regency Games / Side Table

Spectacular Gillows Mahogany Antique Regency Games / Side Table Spectacular Gillows Mahogany Antique Regency Games / Side Table Spectacular Gillows Mahogany Antique Regency Games / Side Table

Magnificent Gillows Design Large Victorian Mahogany Antique Chest of Drawers

Magnificent Gillows Design Large Victorian Mahogany Antique Chest of Drawers

Unusual Regency Gillows Antique Mahogany Bookcase On Stand

Unusual Regency Gillows Antique Mahogany Bookcase On Stand

Quality Mahogany Gillows Style Antique Regency Cheval Mirror.


Large Pair of Super Quality Regency  Gillows Design’ D ‘ End Console Tables

Large Pair of Super Quality Regency Gillows Design' D ' End Console Tables

Rare, Antique Gillows of Lancaster, Satinwood Cabinet.

Rare, Unusual, Gillows of Lancaster, Satinwood Antique Cabinet. Rare, Unusual, Gillows of Lancaster, Satinwood Antique Cabinet.


Gillows, Edwardian Mahogany Antique Extending Dining Table.



gillow1 gillow2


Quality Waring & Gillows Nest of Mahogany Antique Tables

p-3034-41331.jpg p-3034-41336.jpg p-3034-41335.jpg

Superb Quality Gillows Antique Solid Oak Bookcase / Cupboard

Superb Quality Gillows Antique Solid Oak Bookcase / Cupboard Superb Quality Gillows Antique Solid Oak Bookcase / Cupboard


Quality Golden Oak Antique Dining Table by Warings


Warings Quality Golden Oak Antique Dining Table by Warings


Waring and Gillows Antique Mahogany Double Wardrobe

Waring and Gillows Antique Mahogany Double Wardrobe

Waring and Gillows Antique Mahogany Double Wardrobe


Waring And Gillows Antique Mahogany Small Glazed Bookcase

Waring And Gillows Antique Mahogany Small Glazed Bookcase Waring And Gillows Antique Mahogany Small Glazed Bookcase


Magnificent Quality Gillows Victorian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet

Magnificent Quality Gillows Victorian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet Magnificent Quality Gillows Victorian Mahogany Antique Display Cabinet

Huge Art Deco Stylish Antique Oak Dining / Board Room Table By Waring And Gillows

Huge Art Deco Stylish Antique Oak Dining / Board Room Table By Waring And Gillows Huge Art Deco Stylish Antique Oak Dining / Board Room Table By Waring And Gillows

Gillows Design Antique Victorian Mahogany Writing Table

Gillows Design Antique Victorian Mahogany Writing Table

Antique William IV Rosewood Writing Table / Centre Table restored by Gillows

Antique William IV Gillows Rosewood Writing Table / Centre Table. Antique William IV Gillows Rosewood Writing Table / Centre Table.

Small Waring And Gillows Antique Walnut Decorative Occasional Table

Small Waring And Gillows Antique Walnut Decorative Occasional Table Small Waring And Gillows Antique Walnut Decorative Occasional Table

Magnificent Quality Gillows Antique Regency Mahogany Chest Of Drawers

Magnificent Quality Gillows Antique Regency Mahogany Chest Of Drawers


129 thoughts on “Gillows of Lancaster & Waring & Gillows Furniture

    1. Hi
      Gillows furniture was only stamped on around 30% of pieces, the best place to look is under any drawers or shelves for pencil signatures as this can be a good way to find the cabinet makers name who would sign there pieces after they built them. Once you find the cabinet makers name you can then look up and see if they worked for Gillows.
      Kind regards

      1. Hi I have a chest of drawers with a patent num on and the waring and gillows of lancaster plaque inside drawer how would I find out if worth anything

        1. Hi
          It will have some value being waring and gillows, but you would need someone to view it to determine the value as it will depend on the age, style and condition

      2. I just got is what i truely believe is a true captians writers desk. I looked everywhere for a stamp. Couldnt find one. Well i was takong pictures of the piece all over. I flashed a picture of the hindges and screws and i seen this stamp. It looks like some letter and MW all together. Then theres a dimaond symbol with something in it. If anyone could give me some insight i would truly appreciate it. Its driving me crazy

  1. I have a piece of furniture –a knee hole desk which originally came from King Zog’s yacht(of Albania) which was sunk during D Day invasions.It is stamped WARINGS on all the drawers.Is it possible this was made before W&Gillow joined up and can you tell me anything about it.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi
    I have just been left 2 side tables one of which has a Waring & Gillows Ltd guarantee plate on it. It is solid oak (top is 3 boards approx 1/2″ thick) fluted legs, but a stretcher across the bottom is missing. Would this be worth getting valued? (ps I am in Scotland)

    1. Hi
      Yes they would be worth getting valued, especially if they are a matching pair as this is quite unusual to find. it really depends on their age to the value.

  3. Hi

    I have a large oak Waring & Gillows table (9ft x 4.5ft) with leather top. It has a Waring & Gillow (1932) plate attached and a number stamped on it, would you know if there is any way of researching where/who this may have been origionally made for?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


    1. Hi
      Unfortunately there is no real way to research this unless you have the original bill of sale or you can trace back where it came from by asking whomever you acquired it from
      Kind regards

  4. Hi, I have a large roll top oak waring and gillows desk complete with brass plaque. Not sure if it’s worth much but would like to see if I can get anything for it. Where is the best place to sell it?
    Many thanks

  5. I have 4 dinning chairs stamped with the willows Lancaster brand under the chairs , there are no screws or glue used on the making of these chairs , would they have a value or date of production ? thanks Martin

    1. Hi
      Its difficult to say without seeing them in the flesh. maybe if you would like to send some pictures

  6. I have just bought a luggage rack which is stamped Gillows Ltd. O38655. Please can you tell me whether this is genuine.
    I would be most grateful for any information you can give me.

  7. Good day,

    I have a chest of drawers a beautiful waredrope and dressing table with Gillow stamp that I want to sell who can I send fotos to or call

  8. Do all waring gillows furniture have a patent number on them as well as a stamp? I have several pieces of furniture which have the Lancaster factory stamp but also a patent number too, but others with just a factory stamp for Liverpool

    1. Hi
      Not all would have a stamp with Waring and Gillows, some would only have a patent number but always beginning with a capital L. I have seen others only with the Waring and Gillows stamp but the patent number is not visible until we have taken them apart for restoration and the stamp is on an edge that can not be seen when assembled. i hope this helps
      Kind regards

  9. I have acquired a vanity with the plaque that reads “Guaranteed Designed & Manufactured at our Lancaster Factory established 1695 Waring & Gillow Ltd” and patent number “224089”. It has been painted black. Will this lower the value of this piece? which is in 8 out of 10 condition.

  10. I have a dining table and 8 chairs (2 carver) made in cherry all of which we purchased over 20 years ago. Recently I had a fall and landed on the back of one carver. The front leg joints were unfortunately broken but everything else is remains intact.
    My question to you is: do you /can you carry out a restoration on this chair?
    If not , can you recommend a reputable company who may be able to help?

    JR Allen

    1. Hi
      We do offer restoration services, maybe if you can email me the pictures and I can take a look for you
      Kind regards

  11. Hi,

    I have my Great Grandfathers Willow & Co pedestal desk. I believe it is made of Mahogany and is stamped on the top drawer L20174. Is it possible to date it from this number? I would love to know more about it as I believe it may of had additional drawers or something on the top as there are 4 holes on either side at the back. I have been using in my home office for the last 20 years and my wife hates it but unfortunately it’s the only family heirloom we have so I could never be parted from it.

    Thanks in advance for any information.



    1. Hi
      Thank you for your message, It is difficult to date without seeing it in the flesh but with the letter L, it was built in Lancaster and dates after 1860. If it is stamped Gillow and co it will probably be a late Victorian piece, maybe around 1880 – 1900
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

  12. My mother-in-law has a very beautiful walnut kidney shaped ladies desk which is beautifully made and in almost pristine condition. It has the Gillow’s “look” but I haven’t taken out the drawers or looked underneath. It has a gilded rail around the outer edge of the top and small carved cartouches which are exquisitely executed and all different. There was a valuation years ago of £15,000 but I feel it is probably worth considerably more now. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi
      For an up to date valuation I would recommend contacting a specialist auction house like Christies or Bonhams as the prices do fluctuate and some of the top end Gillows furniture has increased over the last few years but Gillows style is not as collectible as the purists only want genuine Gillows stamped pieces.
      Kind regards

  13. Hello
    Just wondering if you could help
    I’ve acquired a dresser with vanity mirror
    It has a stamp saying ‘Warings Ltd Liverpool’
    There are brass fixings with stamps ,these aren’t very clear at the moment as they are dirty.
    We weren’t sure whether we should have the piece restored as there are marks on the surfaces and would like to find out more of the pieces history age etc
    Many thanks

    1. Hi
      If it is a Warings piece it would be worth while having it restored, but done correctly as bad restorations can devalue antiques. If you would like to send us pictures we can gladly offer a free quote for restoration as we can collect and deliver anywhere in he UK and we offer professional restoration services.
      Kind regards

  14. Hi, I’m trying to track the history of a dresser I have. It is stamped Gillow&Co L5925. Do you have any idea where I would be able to find out how old it is and where it came from? I live in Australia.
    Thank you, Karen

    1. Hi
      Its difficult to track the history of Gillows furniture but It would have been built in Lancaster or London. Maybe if you would like to email me a picture and I can take a look at it for you
      Kind regards

  15. I have a Wooden Hexagon style shaped mirror with a scalloped style edging around it. It also has a Waring & Gillow brass plate attached to the back which says Guaranteed designed & Manufactured at our Lancaster Factory established 1695.
    My husband remembers it hanging in his grandmothers house when he was a small boy.
    Would it be worth anything as it has been in our loft for years and we would like to sell it if possible.

  16. Hi there my grandmother would like to sell her gillows of lancaster Hall table it is stamped and i would like to know what kind of price she could get for this and where to sell it if you can help in anyway possible i would be very grateful. Many thanks

  17. Hi I have a pair of dining chairs which are bow type backed and quite plain and underneath they are stamped gillow and an indent carving h. doyle and also in pencil written A or perhaps J sanderson are they old and perhaps worth a fiew quid, the wood is good and solid but the upholstery is poor.

    Cheers Robbie

  18. I recently bought a horned gramophone at auction. I deal in thease machines and it is an obvious modern replica, however it carries a brass blaque which states that it was made in the Lancaster factory by Waring & Gillow. It has a very well made brass decorated case and original motor and horn. Is there any record of the company making such items. Picture available if requireds
    John Sleep

  19. Hi James. I have a Waring & Gillow beautiful small chair with rattan seat. It has the Lancaster brass plate and is numbered 76719. Would you be able to date and advise a value please? Thanks. Tony

  20. We have 4 oak dining room chairs all with the same W & G numbers.
    We also have a Carver chair with a different number.Who could we sell them to please?

    1. if you are local to us we would gladly take a look at them or alternatively I would try a good antiques auction
      Kind regards

  21. Hello, I’m not sure if you will be able to help me but I am trying to find out about a furniture maker Shepherd & Hedger Southampton, Salisbury & Dorchester. I have a beautiful solid oak display cabinet, and cannot find anything about them on the internet other than it is possibly 1930’s.

    1. Hi
      I have seen a few items in the past by this maker, usually 1920s to 1940s pieces but unfortunately I do not know of any information about this maker.
      Sorry I can not be of any more help
      Kind regards

        1. My late mother, widowed when I was one year old, was courted for a time by Frank Hedger! Shepherd and Hedger had a shop in Above Bar, I think, in Southampton, and another in Salisbury. I never heard of the Dorchester one until recently. The company did the furnishings for Lord and Lady Docker, who owned the (then) super yacht ‘Shemara’. . My brother still has carpet in his house that was taken off the yacht when Lady Docker wanted it refitted. Frank Hedger gave my mother a pair of Queen Anne style chairs by Parker Knoll. However he bought the frames and his own men made up the chairs, upholstered with the off cuts from Lady Docker’s hand embroidered dining room curtains! The partners had a holiday home in Capel Curig, N. Wales, and we spent at least two holidays there (I was only a small boy then, seven the first visit, so 1960). Frank Hedger was single, although he had, at some stage, been married. He had three cars; an Aston Martin, a Jaguar, and a Rover 3L, the day they came out. However he used to go to work on the bus as he could get a bus from outside his house to either of the shops!

  22. Hi
    I have been offered a leather inset games table around one yard square with pull out drinks coasters and am being told it is W & G. I can find no marks (I note your 30%m only marks above) but it is stenciled ‘Heritage’ on the underside. Is it possible it is W & G? THanks, Brian

    1. Hi
      It was only the earlier pieces that was not often stamped, all the Waring and Gillows pieces were stamped
      Kind regards

  23. I have a chest of drawers that has Waring and Gillows ltd imprinted on the drawer edge and a patent number plaque which says PATENT 224089 and a brass plaque that says Lancaster factory. Are you able to give any dates for this.

    1. Hi
      If you would like to send a picture, I can gladly have a look for you but I would say around 1900 – 1920

      1. Hello
        I have a similar piece which I bought 14 years ago and still use every single day, however I am shortly moving and looking to sell it. As in your previous message may I post you photos
        Many thanks

        1. may I add that I would really like to know about it, my partner and I having spent hours searching are so please to come across your informative site

  24. Hi there –
    I have 2 chairs which underneath the seat are the carvings ‘G&T’ – I know my (husbands) Grandfather & forefathers were ‘Cabinet & Fancy Cabinet makers’ in London & worked for Gillow’s.
    I wonder if you could tell me more on the chairs as to whether they are early ‘Gillows’ – plus there is a large Mahogany Chest of Drawers which I cannot see a stamp/carving but there is a pencil writing of name & possible address but as it is pencil its very difficult to read. I do have pictures if required.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi
      The G&T may be the cabinet makers initials but i do not think it would be Gillows, I think there was a cabinet maker in London who used G&T on there pieces of furniture. I would need to know what the name is under the drawer, usually if it was a cabinet maker for Gillows they would sign it with their name.
      I hope this helps

  25. This is a really interesting site, thank you.
    I have a sideboard, marked L79488 and marked TI under the drawer. It has a warning and gill of made in Lancaster plate inside the drawer and an incomplete paper label on the back of the raised back stand. There is also a patent plate nailed into the drawer 27978. The only sideboards I can find under the patent number have three drawers and are listed as 1920 but this sideboard only has two drawers.
    Can you assist in dating it for me please?

  26. Hi, I have a writing desk with inlaid wood and tapered octagonal legs. I think it might be Engkish Oak but not sure. It has two hidden drawers along the front and two other drawers above. It is stamped “Waring & Gillow Ltd” on the top edge of one of the hidden drawers. The back is unfinished. There is a paper label affixed that says “Ship No. 729 (I think) Cabin De Lux No. 111 C1091”. I’ve owned it for about 20 years. Any thoughts you have towards origination and value would be most appreciated.

    1. Hi
      It must have come off a ships liner so this will be very collectable. I would do some research into the ship as this will add to the value if you know its origins. I know Waring and gillows did furnish some very good ships so it will be a quality piece but I am unsure how you would find out what ship it is, maybe try a maritime specialist.

  27. Hi – is there a way of dating Gillows furniture from the number stamped on? (15276 on a lamp table), had a quick Google thinking there may be a register of sorts but can’t find anything.

    1. Unfortunately there is no register, there is some good information in the gillows books that may be able to help you as they list many cabinet makers names and some numbers

  28. Hi

    Just after a little advice.

    I’ve just bought a lovely if a bit unusual oak draw leaf table.

    After having a closer look it’s got a brass plaque with wearing and gillows and a set a patent numbers.

    I can’t see any other markings on the table.

    How could I find out more about the table ?! Dates of being made etc ??

    Thanks in advance

  29. Hi
    Would it be possible for you to give some advice.
    We have a Waring & Gillow dressing table. We wondered when it was made and what the value would be as we are interested in selling. The patent number is 224089. It also has a metal badge stating made in Lancaster factory.
    Kind regards,

  30. Hello,
    I have a walnut desk that is stamped Waring & Gillow, Brussels. Do you have much information on furniture produced from their Brussels manufacturers? I’d like to try and date the desk. I also need to replace a lost key to fit the locks in the 5 drawers. The design includes cabriole legs, leather inlay on top and a custom glass protective top, and rounded corners. However, the two drawers on left and right, along with the longer center drawer seems to be traditionally edwardian in style.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi
      I know if it was from their Brussels department it will be dated from after 1906 so may be a late Edwardian piece but with cabriole legs may be as late as 1930s
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

      1. Thank you, this is what we thought as well. Now, if you could advise us on how best to obtain a key for the drawer locks we’d be ever so greatfull. Can locksmiths make a key to fit these old mechanisms. They are made so well. Or is there any way to order one? Thank you.

  31. Hi I have a single piano stool stamped Gillow and Co,i t has ornate fret work on each side which is damaged,it has a lift up upholstered seat,would it be worth renovating?

  32. Good Morning, I am in the US and have just acquired a Waring & Gillow LTD dresser with mirror. I am into refurbishing furniture; it was given to me by my mother upon my request for a project piece. I had recently finished a vanity which is a trending hot item in high demand. I knew she had this dresser/mirror that was pretty cool and sitting in storage. Initially my intent was to chalk paint and distress it. I always do a thorough cleaning prior to any painting and subsequently discovered the Waring & Gillow LTD mark engraved on the interior of one of the drawers, thankfully deciding I really needed to do some research, ultimately finding your informative article on the Waring & Gillow brand. Obviously my mother was not at all aware of the potential value of the piece. I don’t know anything on valuation of antiques but now find myself eager to determine the value of this piece. I have taken several pictures, including a pic of all (5) five engraved markings located on the dresser . I was hoping you could provide some insight as I more than likely intend to sell it right away.
    May I send the pics for your review?
    Elizabeth Hobson

  33. Hi we are currently going to move from our old farm house, we have a waring and gillows extendable table in excellent condition as it has been left for years in a none used room, it has been passed down through generations but is far too big to take with us. Any idea how we can go about selling it? I am unable to attach the pictures to confirm it’s age. The reference number stamped under the table and also has the authenticity plaque in gold. The reference number is 2958

  34. Good day
    I have a sideboard marked on top of the center drawer (GILLOWS LANCASTER) This is stamped into the wood.
    The hardware is marked I believe (Collins and Cope) hard to see.
    I live in Canada and when I purchased it it had an old atlas and papers for a teacher who was trained to shut off gas etc during the war so must of come from England.y a value as they say, it is not original ,it has been refinished etc. but for some reason they always make a good offer for it as I leave.
    I believe it is between 1795 and about 1815 but I am not an antique dealer and really could use help.
    I do have pictures and can forward them if you can help.
    Thank you
    Jack Dunn

  35. Hi
    I have a cabinet with FH VI behind it
    Wanted to get rid of it but some kind person suggested i sell it instead as its a beautiful piece. Could you perhaps shine some light on the marking please.

  36. I have a large break front with Gillows Lancaster marked on the drawers. I.e. Has great carvings on doors. Can I send you a picture?

  37. Hi James

    I bought an Edwardian bow-front three door mahogany wardrobe 5 years ago from a place called Pieces of the Past here in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada. I now need to get rid of it as my room is too small for it. I’m sad to part with it. Where I bought it from indicated it was built by Waring & Gillow but have not seen any markings. Can I send you pictures and maybe tell me if this is truly and antique from 1910? Dimension: 62″ w x 22″ d x 73.5″ h.

    1. Hi
      This would be too difficult to say from a photo but if you get your local antiques dealer or auctioneer to view it, im sure they will be able to help.

  38. Hi James,

    My Aunt has one of 5700 coronation stools made in 1953. Hers was made by Waring & Gillow. It appears that it may have been recovered at some point as we cannot find a photo that shows the same fabric. We do not want to try and remove any part of the current cover on the off chance that it is original. I have photos if this would assist you.

    1. Hi
      We mainly deal in pre 1900s so it would be difficult for me to determine if this is the original fabric being from 1953.
      Sorry I can not be of much help with this
      Kind regards

  39. Hi I bought a carved oak cocktail bar many years ago and was told it was wearing and gillows I can’t find any mark and I’m emigrating now if I send a picture can you prove it disprove it please

    1. Hi
      Unfortunately, without the label or stamp it would be hard to prove it is by Waring and Gillows.
      Kind regards

  40. Hi just started working on a welsh dresser,and found your name plate and a number75711,could you tell me what this means please?

  41. I’ve recently bought a set of dining chairs and noticed that there is a Waring & Gillow label stuck on the bottoms. The label itself mentions 1988 fire regulations so I assume that these are some kind of reproduction, but would they still be likely to have any significant value? They are fairly well made, veneer, with some nice detailing.

    1. Hi
      I would think the 1988 fire regulations is from when they were re upholstered as with a Waring and Gillows stamp they will date closer to 1900. Value will depend on the age, style and condition.

  42. Hi
    I have 6 identical dining chairs marked Gillow & Co L8178. They have been reupholstered but are otherwise fine. Would they be worth valuing do you think? Should I send a photo?

    1. Hi
      If you are wanting to sell them please email us a picture and I can see if they are of interest

  43. Hi, I have a slim dark wood bookcase. It has clean lines with no notable embellishment, but has a Waring & Gillow plaque – Lancashire factory established 1695 – and Waring & Gillow Ltd stamped into the wood below.

    I was about to sand it down and paint it, but wanted to know if it’s worth anything. It’s been in my family more than 60years.

    1. Hi
      It would be very difficult to offer a value without seeing it in the flesh as it could be £50 or £1000 dependant on the model, timber used, condition, age etc.

  44. Good afternoon,

    I have a very good pair of large oval cellarettes with lids which I believe to be Georgian, one has a liner but the other liner is missing they have no splits but need minor work to bring them up to showroom condition. They are both stamped GILLOWS.
    I am looking to sell is it worth me getting a new liner made and the minor restoration don or is it best to leave them in untouched condition?

    1. Hi
      Its probably best to leave in untouched condition, you are welcome to email pictures to see if we are interested in buying them?

  45. I am just curious. My mother has a Waring and Gillows three piece suite (the sofa is a four seater). It’s been recovered several times but the frame is intact. Is this even worthy of note? She was given it as a wedding present in 1965.

  46. Hi,

    I have a small cabinet, with a few marks on.
    It has a brass plaque “Guaranteed manufactured at our Lancaster factory, established 1695, Waring & Gillow Ltd, by appointment”

    Also a paper label “E95705 Wimbledon Depositories”

    Also there are 2 numbers stamped on it, 11 and 97412.

    Sadly, it’s been painted black, but I’d be grateful if you could give me any information on it.

  47. I am looking at a rotating piano stool that is stamped Gillow and has a serial number 0958. However in front of the serial number it looks like a letter I instead of L. Everything else about it looks right, eg the type face for the Waring and number are the same as the example you show. Would it ever be anything other than L?
    I did wonder if it is an L that hasn’t been stamped fully, but it doesn’t really look like that.

      1. I’ve now found that the serial number is also stamped under the seat and there it’s clearly 10958, so it appears that the other serial number is the same but the number 1 has been stamped upside down. So there is no L, but it is also stamped Gillow (not Gillows). Does this make more sense?

  48. I have a Gillows desk marked Gillow&Co L7824. Can you please tell me when the desk was made and something about it. Thank you

  49. I have a Gillow envelope card table in what I would describe as the Aesthetic Movement style. Both drawers are stamped L5857 . Can you tell the date of manufacture from the number please?

  50. Hello,
    I am trying to ascertain price for the Gillows items in the photo album. I would also appreciate help with aprox date and appropriate name for each of the pieces of furniture therein. They are all in good condition.
    I will be trying to sell them in Spain because it is here where they are but would like to know if in your opinion there is a better market for them in England.
    1) Although only one chair features in the photos, I have three of them.
    2) The mirror and side pieces to it, have been dismounted from the dressing (?) table but all items are accounted for.

  51. Hi, I have a pair of leather tub chairs which are marked GILLOWS but without a number. Can I take it that these may have been made around 1850/60s or have I totally misread the information above?
    Many thanks

  52. My late great grandfather retired as a cabinet maker in around 1924. He was responsible for choosing all the wood for seasoning and allowing the adequately-seasoned wood to be taken to the workshops to be made into furniture. When he retired he was about 75 and his boss, Lord Waring was reluctant to let him retire.

    I have many examples of things he made for the family, including a clock on which is written in pencil “cleaned 1895” – and not touched since!

    His name was Herbert Dyson and when he retired he was living in Liverpool. I was wondering if you knew from the W&G books when he worked for the firm.

    My great aunt had a similar table to the Georgian console table you show, but this table, the whole of the top pivoted and could be turned vertical so that the table could be pushed into a wall. Sadly I don’t have this, and the last time I saw it was in Hoylake in 1992, where it was used as a hall table.

    Warings used to ring my mother and ask her if they could bring people to visit to see the furniture he’d made for family.

    I have a marquetry picture of a lion nicknamed the Bogey man with at least 20 varieties of wood
    A Victorian work box for embroidery, one of only 5 or 6 made together with a small prototype
    A writing slope made for his wife
    A box in walnut or mahogany inlaid with bands of ebony
    An octagonal oak clock with the pendulum contained within the frame – the face cover is hinged on the right hand side, showing he was left-handed.
    A wall bracket in mahogany used to place a vase of flowers
    A small open bookcase on which was stood a small glass-fronted cabinet

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have some amazing pieces and wonderful history. Unfortunately I have not seen Herbert Dyson in the books, but they only list the early cabinet makers in the Gillows books and not when they joined Waring and Gillows.

  53. Hello my father has just bought a wooden chair
    Lancaster factory
    Weiring and gillowsltd
    Any info on this please.

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