Maple & Co Antique Furniture

Maple & Co Antique Furniture 1870 – 1950

Maple & Co was one the largest and most successful British furniture retailers and cabinet makers in the Victorian and Edwardian periods. They were well known for fine quality, craftsmanship and were specialists in copying old designs but bringing them up to date to the more modern trends. They produced many quality pieces of furniture in designs such as Hepplwhite and Chippendale but also were well known for their quality Arts & Crafts Furniture.

Maple & Co was first established by John Maple, a shopkeeper, Surrey, who later opened a furniture shop in Tottenham Court Road but it was his son, John Maple, who pushed Maples & Co to be such a huge success. With his skills in business, by the 1880s they were the largest furniture store in the world as they exported their fine antique furniture to many different countries and were well known throughout the interiors world.

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Below are examples of maple and co furniture but please visit our main website, antiques world for our up to date inventory.

Spectacular Maple & Co Victorian Antique Sideboard / Cupboard

Spectacular Maple & Co Victorian Antique Sideboard / Cupboard Spectacular Maple & Co Victorian Antique Sideboard / Cupboard

Stunning Maple & Co Inlaid Edwardian Antique Wardrobe.

Stunning Maple & Co Inlaid Edwardian Antique Wardrobe. Stunning Maple & Co Inlaid Edwardian Antique Wardrobe.

Unusual Pair of Victorian Mahogany Maple And Co Paris Antique Side Tables

Unusual Pair of Victorian Mahogany Maple And Co Paris Antique Side Tables Unusual Pair of Victorian Mahogany Maple And Co Paris Antique Side Tables

Elegant Maple & Co Antique Mahogany Glazed Cabinet

Elegant Maple & Co Antique Mahogany Glazed Cabinet Elegant Maple & Co Antique Mahogany Glazed Cabinet

Spectacular Figured Walnut Antique Linen Press By Maple And Co

Spectacular Figured Walnut Antique Linen Press By Maple And Co Spectacular Figured Walnut Antique Linen Press By Maple And Co

Stunning Maple & Co Victorian Antique Walnut Bookcase On Cupboard

Stunning Maple & Co Victorian Antique Walnut Bookcase On Cupboard Stunning Maple & Co Victorian Antique Walnut Bookcase On Cupboard


Maple & Co large antique oak partners desk

maple and co maple and co 2


Super Quality Maple & Co. Antique Edwardian Mahogany Bureau.

Maple & Co. maple and co 3


Quality Walnut Antique Victorian Library Bookcase

4573 Maple and co bookcase


Antique Edwardian, Quality Mahogany Washstand by Maple & Co.

Antique Edwardian, Quality Mahogany Washstand by Maple & Co Antique Edwardian, Quality Mahogany Washstand by Maple & Co

Quality Oak ‘Maple & Co’ Victorian Antique Bookcase

p-3994-42997.jpg maple and co bookcase


Quality, Maple & Co. Victorian Oak Antique Desk.

46377 maple and co desk


Maple & Co. Antique Edwardian Mahogany Glazed Bookcase

p-2790-41591.jpg p-2790-41595.jpg


Superb Quality Maple & Co. Edwardian Mahogany Antique Linen Press.

p-3051-41971.jpg p-3051-41977.jpg p-3051-41978.jpg


Antique Edwardian Bow Front Mahogany Wardrobe – Maple and Co

p-3403-39721.jpg p-3403-39725.jpg


Quality Edwardian Walnut Antique Chest Of Drawers Are Stamped by The Renowned cabinet makers Maple and Co

Quality Edwardian Walnut Antique Chest Of Drawers Are Stamped by The Renowned cabinet makers Maple and Co


Quality Edwardian Walnut Antique Chest Of Drawers Are Stamped by The Renowned cabinet makers Maple and Co


Quality Antique Maple & Co Victorian Bookcase / Display Cabinet

Stunning Quality Antique Maple & Co Victorian Bookcase / Display Cabinet Stunning Quality Antique Maple & Co Victorian Bookcase / Display Cabinet

Antique Victorian Oak Pedestal Desk by Maple and Co

Antique Victorian Oak Pedestal Desk by Maple and Co, Antique Victorian Oak Pedestal Desk by Maple and Co,


Magnificent Quality Maple & Co Edwardian Mahogany Triple Wardrobe

Magnificent Quality Maple & Co Edwardian Mahogany Triple Wardrobe Magnificent Quality Maple & Co Edwardian Mahogany Triple Wardrobe

80 thoughts on “Maple & Co Antique Furniture

  1. I have a chest that is a 2 over 2 small that has the J. Maple & Co. brand on the top of the face of a drawer. Can you help with dating this chest. It is a small chest 35w. 35 3/4h and 19 1/2d with two small drawers and two large drawers with the bottom drawer being deep and the bottom has the apron molding attached to it. It is made of mahogany solid and veneer. Any help would be appreciated.
    chris sabiston

      1. Do you have replacement hardware for Maple Co furniture.? I have a sideboard with beautiful brass drop pulls. Two are missing.

  2. I have a Maple & Co Ladies writing desk which I wish to sell now but not sure of the price or where would be best to auction it if I cant sell it privately. Also where would be the best place to sell it, or would your company be interested in purchasing it. I have photos but there doesn’t seem to be an option to upload them. Please advise. Thanks Sheila

  3. I have a lovely sideboard that I would like to find a matching table. Could you tell me the name of the piece or any other information, age, etc?

  4. I have an five foot long oak buffet base, with brass tear drop handles and front barley twist legs. The cupboard doors are heavily carved. There is a nameplate of Arding & Hobbs Clapham Junction inside one of the doors, but I believe it is a piece made by Maples furniture company. I discovered that Arding & Hobbs replaced the makers mark with their own trade name on furniture made by the Maple family.

    I see that the trade name of Arding & Hobbs is up for sale, but can find no details of the marketability of furniture with these identifications . I would like to sell this piece but have nothing to base the price on. Would you be kind enough to advise me ?

    1. Hi
      I think Arding & Hobbs, Clapham Junction was a furniture retailer so they would buy second hand furniture, restore them and then sell them on. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of other information on this company. If it is a maple piece, there would be a plaque inside or a stamp imprinted on the top of a drawer or door. They can sometimes have numbers stamped on the back also. It would be worthwhile checking over the piece to see if any makers stamps can be seen. For me to advise on the buffet I would need to see it in the flesh or it might be worth while checking with your local antiques auction for a free valuation.
      Kind regards

      1. Thank you for your response. I have only just revisited your website and found it so appologies for the delay in replying. I shall have a closer look for any other identifiable marks.

        Kind regards, Lesley Williams

      2. Hi James
        I have a pure All-Brass bedstead that has the Maple & Co. London brand. I would appreciate if you could help with age & value this bed. I would like to sell this piece but have no idea on the price. Would you be kind enough to advise me?
        I am attaching JPEG pictures to your attention.
        Kind regards, Chandrakant Golecha.

  5. hi I have a maple and co fold down dining table which I wanted to sell but it need restoring, do you know where I can take it to sell. thanks kiran

    1. Hi
      If you are local to us you are welcome to email some pictures or alternatively maybe try your local auctioneer
      Kind regards

  6. Hello, I have a pair of really pretty Maple & Co chairs which I have just re-upholstered and debating if I should sell or not. Please could you advise me as to their value as I do love them and don’t want to sell them for less than they are worth.

    Kind Regards,

  7. I have recently obtained lots of original 1960s pen and pencil drawings of proposed offices and kitchens et cetera for wealthy homes and businesses hotels from an artist named Lewin who worked for maple and co and also works for hamptons and sons london also found lots of floor plans made for moss bros when the business was expanding in the early 1960s by the famous maple and co

  8. I resently obtain a Maple & Comp French Sever Solid Maple with top and drawer have burrel maple in Lays It is 59 1/2 inches long ,37″ high and 20 1/2 in deep. It had two draws and side cabinte on end. Top drawer has the maple lable and velvet lined for silver. The two side cabinet, one on left just has a sheft, but the one on the right has what looks like a drawer for wine and liqure decounters. It has six spaces and the entire drawer is lined in what looks like tin that has been treated. I have never seen this before, though it maybe common, I can not find anthing about it. If anyone knows, apprx. age, or any thing about it It would be appreciated. Also what type of wood was used in making the sides and botton of the drawer. Looks like oak, but not up on my woods. Thanks,.

  9. I have a Maple & Co London Paris large dresser lovely carvings leaded cold draw wondered if anyone has a valuation I will send a photo

  10. Hi
    I have recently acquired from my Mother a Maples and Co cocktail cabinet.It requires repolishing but otherwise is in very good condition. I think it must be from the 1930’s.Please could you send me any additional information about name of style and possible value if French polished?
    Leslie howes

    1. Hi
      It is difficult to say without seeing it, to offer valuations. maybe if you would like to email a picture and i can take a look for you
      Kind regards

  11. Hi! I have an armpit I bought from a friend whose parents lived in England for a few years in the 80’s. Was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and how much it is worth? I have pictures I can send.


  12. Dear Sir,
    I have a number of Maple & Co old furniture showroom catalogues eg Titled “Wood and Metal Bedsteads” and “Dining Room Library & Hall” and “Drawing Room Furniture” and “Reproductions of Old Furniture” and these are all in very good condition for there age, and I can provide images if need be, and are these of any value to the antique trade.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi
      I do have a couple of these old maple catalogues on furniture and I am hoping to publish some pictures on our blog soon. You can pick these up fairly reasonably, we have bought them for around £10 in the past but if you would like to send images i can gladly have a look as it may be something we can publish in the future, if they are different to what we already have
      Kind regards

  13. We purchased an 8 piece bedroom set in Montrose Scotland in 1979. The pieces are stamped MAPLE & CO. There are some storage stickers on the large wardrobe from the 1880s. The pieces are: chest of drawers, 2 night stands, 3 door wardrobe w/large mirror on center door, women’s vanity with mirror and tiled foot rest, wooden top washstand, table top mirror, and a marble top washstand with tiled back splash and footrest. We have looked for similar pieces and have never been able to locate anything close. The pieces are heavily inlaid. Are you familiar with similar sets? We were told the set came from a Scottish castle. Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Hi
      Yes we have had sets like this in the past by Maple & Co but it is quite unusual to find such large matching sets still complete. Most were split up over time. It would be difficult to offer any other advice without seeing the pieces but it does sound lovely
      Kind regards

      1. James,
        I noticed the stamps on the pictured pieces on this page are MAPLE&CoLd. The stamps on our pieces do not have the Ld – They are just stamped MAPLE&Co. Also, The one sticker I can get to easily is on the inside of the wardrobe middle door. It is not complete; but, it does say :
        “something unreadable” & Safe Deposit Store
        11/7/89 (or 84 hard to tell)

        1. Hi
          If it is Just Maple and Co it is probably a Victorian piece so possibly 1889 from your sticker. The CAVENDISH HOUSE CO. LIMITED may have been a retailer who would have sold the piece
          Kind regards

          1. James,
            That sounds correct. A couple of the pieces have key locks. The locking mechanisms are stamped “VR” with a crown between the two letters. They also are stamped “Secure Lever Lock”. Would you like me to send pictures of the pieces? Appreciate your expertise.

          2. James,
            I will email pictures to to your attention. It would be interesting to know if the design is one that you have seen before or is it something unusual.
            Appreciate all your effort.

          3. Good Day James,
            I wanted to verify if you received the photos I emailed? I sent them as JPEG.

          4. Hi
            This looks to be Arts and Crafts ca.1880 – 1890 and probably in ash. it is unusual to find full sets like this but we do see many in a similar design from this period
            Kind regards

  14. James,
    FYI – I emailed a sample of pictures. If you could use more specific shots, just let me know.

  15. Hi there
    I ‘ve got the chair from Trademe NZ for my craft project and did find that the chair has a stamp MAPLE&Co and also has the lable with “MAPLE&Co LONDON UPHOLSTERS BY APPOINTMENT HER MAJESTY” and number 6324. Could you please tell me how old is this one and is it collectible item or just an old one? Many thanks. Irina

    1. Hi
      Looking at the picture, it looks to be late Victorian ca. 1890 and yes they are collectable. Being a single chair the value may only be around 50 – 100 GBP but when you have a pair or larger set, they can warrant a much greater price.
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

      1. Hi James
        Many thanks for answer. Also can I ask one more question. Is it better to keep old upholstery (it seems to be original) or to change for similar new one as I wanted to do? Thanks for your time. Kind regards. Irina

  16. Hello, I have a maple and co writing bureau, apparently 1890 … Wondered if you could tell me more about it and what it may be worth…. Etc … It is on castor wheels ,if that helps and green leather writing surface .
    C. Davidson can send photos …

  17. Hi
    Thanks for the mail. I have a Maple & Co London Brass bed. Can you please help with dating this and are these of any value to the antique trade.
    Photos were mailed to Any insight about it would be appreciated.
    Regards, Chandrakant Golecha

  18. Restoring a buffet that has missing lock and drop pull on lower door……is there anyone that has this hardware available?


  19. I recently purchased a large pitcher and bowl stamped Lorne Manufactured for Maple & Co. Tuttenham Court Road London. I believe it was called transfer ware and has a brown floral pattern. I can’t seem to find any online. Can you please tell me a little about the history of this type of item? Thank you

    1. Hi
      Unfortunately I only deal in furniture so I can only suggest to try your local antiques auction for advice on this

  20. Hello,
    Just came across this site, I’m trying to find out when the white button shaped label was first used on Maple & Co
    furniture and for how many years?
    “From Maple & Co Limited London & Paris”

    Hoping you can assist,

    1. Hi
      The white button was first seen on early pieces of Maple and co Furniture so from around 1870 until around 1900.I think the label you mention with London and Paris would be from late Victorian era so around 1890 – 1900.
      I hope this helps

      1. Hi James,
        Thank you for the information always thought they were used later and the metal plates and stamp on furniture was the earlier way of marking. I was interested to know because of a purchase I made at auction in 1983 of Maple & co cabinet. Although not knowing much about Maple & co at the time I did like the slender legs and colour (possibly walnut veneer).
        Over the years I’ve tried to find its age but have not found any similar cabinets and was beginning to think that the cabinet had been created from something else.
        Did Maples make specific orders for customers?
        I have recently sold the cabinet but would still like to find out about its origin and if it was really a Maples cabinet. I called it a cabinet because I do not know what to call it.
        It could be a pot cupboard (not sure about that because of the quality) or one from a pair of bedside cabinets; although I think too large for that unless in a very large bedroom or even a hall side cabinet is there such a thing?
        Top Height 29 3/4”
        Top Width 28 1/2”
        Top Depth 16”
        Cabinet Width 20”
        Cabinet Depth 14 1/2”
        Back plate height on top 3 1/2″



        1. Hi Jim
          The round porcelain labels and with the name stamped in the wood was the earliest forms of marks. The metal labels came later and also they did plastic or ivorine plaques on later pieces. They did often do specific orders for clients so you piece may have been a one off.

  21. Hi there! I have a very plain desk that has a maple and Co sticker on the back. However, I can’t see another like it on the Internet. Would I be able to show you a picture please?

  22. Hi James,
    Did you have any success in finding out when Maple & Co first used the Maple Quality label.
    I am seeing Queen Anne style burr walnut furniture with that Maple Quality label dated 1920.
    I believe the date when first used is post 1950 but I cannot be 100% sure.
    Any help in confirming when this label was first used I would be grateful.

    1. The ivorine round label was on earlier pieces but from around 1890 – 1900 on-wards the metal label appeared

  23. Hi,
    I have 2 original invoices for sundries my Grandfather bought from the TCR shop date 1935 and 1937 if anyone would like them.

    1. Hi
      Thank you for the offer, they probably would not be of much use to us as we mainly deal in pre 1900s so a bit later than of interest
      Thank you again for the offer

  24. Hi . My name is Merv I live in Australia and have a maple& co large 3 piece mirrored ornate wardrobe beautifully carved .My question is one of the latches has a broken looks like small single wire spring it is stamped secure lever and opposite has a crown crest . How could I get hold of a replacement spring ? its in amazing condition I love it , has an ivory lable which says From Maple & Co Limited London on the top left side door . Kind regards Merv Dark ..

    1. Hi
      There is no place to find these replacements, but you can quite often get them repaired by a good locksmith

  25. Hi, my name is Stephen and I am doing a research paper on a Roman sculpture titled Dionysus with Pan. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston lists this company as a buyer and, i believe, eventual seller of the aforementioned sculpture.

    From the MFAH websight provenience: [Maple & Co. sale, 1947, “Major Part of the Earl of Lonsdale’s Collection” (Penrith 1947, lot 2350)]; […]; [The Merrin Gallery, Inc., New York, by 2008]

    I was wondering if you had any records or general information about the statue its self regarding its history since the MFAH sight is severely lacking.

  26. Dear Sir

    I have a chair stamped “Maple & Cie”. Do you what for what period of time this stamp was used?
    Very grateful for any info you can provide

    1. Hi
      It could be from Victorian to later, I would really need to see a picture to determine the age
      Kind regards

  27. I am looking for replacement hardware for a Maple&Co. sideboard. They are beautiful brass drop pulls. I am missing two.

  28. Hello , I have a knee hole desk made by Maple& Co. It has a stamp on the right draw and the locks are stamped London .. can you give me some info on the age of this desk ? thanks Carl

    1. Hi
      Is this something you want to sell or just need info on? if it is something you want to sell please email pictures but if it is stamped on the locks Maple and Co I would imagine this would be late Victorian or Edwardian.

  29. Hallo. I bought a piece in Argentina with a metal label “Maple &Co Ltd”. It looks like a small cabinet for make up or manicure set. I would like to know how old it might be. It also has a second lable: Rd N°541494. I have photos, where can I send them for help?
    Thanks a lot! Marcela

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