Antique Pedestal Desks

Large Victorian Walnut Antique Pedestal Desk

Antique Pedestal Desks are a free standing desk usually with a leather top and two pedestals with a bank of drawers down either side. They have a central knee hole where you can sit and this is why they are also known as the antique Kneehole desk. They were first introduced in the late Georgian period for large grand offices, banks and Libraries but were most popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Some antique pedestal desks were designed to sit against the wall, whereas the better quality examples would have a finished back, so could be placed in the centre of a room. They are mainly constructed in quality woods like Oak, Walnut and Mahogany along with quality brass or turned wooden handles.  Originally they were used for writing, but today they can also be used to place a computer or lap top on top and have ample storage for paperwork. The larger pedestal desks can have working drawers on both sides, called a partners desk, enabling two people to work at them facing each other. The antique pedestal desk is the most useful and sought after desk, they are traditional in design but ideal for modern uses. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.

Antique Pedestal Desks for Sale

Styles of Antique Pedestal Desks

Have a look at previous examples that we have sold below and if any of these styles look of interest, let us know as we get lots of antique desks arriving in stock every week.

This spectacular quality Victorian antique pedestal desk is truly unique as it has been constructed from figured satin birch and dates from around 1870.  It has a moulded top with rounded corners and a burgundy tooled leather writing insert above a long drawer over knee hole.

Spectacular Quality Figured Satin Birch Victorian Antique Pedestal Desk

This Arts And Crafts Victorian Golden Oak Antique Pedestal Desk, has a pull out writing slides above four graduating oak lined drawers all with the original solid brass handles.

Arts And Crafts Victorian Golden Oak Antique Pedestal Desk

This Large 19th Century Rich Mahogany Antique Pedestal Desk dates from ca. 1850. Desks of this size and quality are not often available for sale on the open market as it has a larger knee hole space.

Large 19th Century Rich Mahogany Antique Pedestal Desk

Of lovely small, neat proportions, this fine quality antique Victorian Walnut pedestal desk dates from around 1890. It has a moulded top with tooled leather writing insert above a central drawer over knee hole and each pedestal has four graduating walnut lined drawers with the original quality brass handles and key with working locks which is quite unique.

Fine Quality Victorian Walnut Antique Pedestal Desk

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