Antique Carlton House Desks are a form of writing table and first appeared in the Late Georgian period, noted in the Gillows of Lancaster book in 1796 as a ‘ladies drawing and writing table’. They were named after The Prince Regents, London residence, Carlton House and were very fine pieces of antique furniture, first designed by the renowned George Hepplewhite. These late 18th Century antique Carlton House desks stand on Sheraton design tapering legs usually with a spade foot and made from fine timbers like Satinwood or Mahogany. The best examples were in a curved U shape on the back with lots of fitted small drawers and central small cupboard, some with intricate painted local scenes. These fine antiques were most popular in the Regency era but continued throughout the 19th Century Victorian and Edwardian periods with luxurious inlays being used in their decoration. They are a very fine example of an antique desk, usually only built to the highest of standards as they were expensive pieces of furniture, so ordered by the very wealthy. Although they are quite difficult to find we do get some lovely examples for sale and you can see our current selection of desks here.