Antique Chiffoniers are pieces of antique furniture that were built in the early to mid 19th Century of the Regency, William IV and Victorian periods. It is a small antique sideboard or side cabinet, constructed usually with an upper tier (shelf) along with a mirrored or polished back and was for your dining room, library or drawing room. The Cupboard doors can sometimes enclose a cellaret drawer inside for storing wine and a top frieze drawer was used for storing cutlery. The top shelf was for displaying fine ornaments, but the back was also to stop any splashing of food onto your wall when serving. Antique Chiffoniers were commonly made out of woods such as Mahogany or Rosewood and they are very elegant pieces of antique furniture. The Chiffonier was not only useful with lots of storage but also can be very decorative. The smaller sized examples are more sought after and collected, as they fit into modern homes easily.  Although antique chiffoniers are quite simple in design, they always were made using the finest quality figured timbers along with nice decorative features such as turned columns or pierced brass decoration. Their simplicity is what is so attractive as they are not over fussy in design.  Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.