Antique Inlay on furniture can come in many different forms from floral, animal to marquetry or parquetry. These inlays were mainly done on some of the finest pieces of antique furniture in exotic woods from Rosewood, Walnut to more unusual materials like Brass, mother of pearl, ivory or bone. Simple inlay started from very early periods with simple feather banding on chests of drawers but in the Georgian and Regency era, this became more intricate with oval shells and urns inlaid in a variety of woods. The Victorian period even produced specimen furniture with a small section of 100s of varieties of different woods on one piece. The Edwardian cabinet makers loved inlay, especially on bedroom furniture with lively images of birds and floral designs to swags and tails. Inlay has been a big part of furniture design throughout history and is a very skilled bit of cabinet making. Antique pieces always have the best examples and today there would not be many craftsmen who could produce such magnificent pieces. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.