Antique Revolving Bookcases

Tall Quality Oak Edwardian Arts & Crafts Revolving Antique Bookcase

The antique revolving bookcase, also known as a Rotating Bookcase is a really useful piece of antique furniture. It is a four sided open bookcase that can house a selection of books on each side and rotates 360 degrees to gain access to them on a central stand. Antique revolving bookcases are ingenious designs that first came around in the late 19th Century Victorian period and continued into the Edwardian era in solid timbers from Mahogany and Oak. Occasionally they can be inlaid on the top with sunbursts and cross-banding. They also stood on castors so they could be easily moved around the room. These lovely antique bookcases are really useful, being able to store books in but also having a finished flat top, they can be used as a lamp or side table. Some later examples come with Brass divides and decoration to store and display newspapers and magazines. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.

Styles of Antique Revolving Bookcases

Previous examples that we have sold include this Beautiful Sheraton Design Mahogany Antique Revolving Bookcase with a figured top and moulded edge above one tier with elegant carved slats, ideal for storing all your favourite books. It also revolves three hundred and sixty degrees making it convenient to use.

Sheraton Design Edwardian Mahogany Antique Revolving Bookcase
Sheraton Carvings

Dating from around 1900 and constructed from quality solid oak, this unusual bookcase has a square moulded top with three tiers and stands on a revolving base that rotates giving easy access to four sides whilst providing lots of storage.

Tall Quality Oak Edwardian Arts & Crafts Revolving Antique Bookcase

5 responses

  1. Lisa avatar

    Hello, I have a 4 sided 3 tier revolving bookcase. The top of mine has a tilt book holder with storage on the top. Do you know anything about this? I’m curious about the piece.

    1. James avatar

      Some of the better quality revolving bookcases did have hinged book holders. This was usually on slightly earlier models ca. 1880-1900
      I hope this helps

  2. Samamtha avatar

    Hello! We have a revolving bookcase, 2 tier, 4sided solid wood on a very heavy ornate cast iron base and a spindle goes through both levels to create the rotation. I can’t even find a photo of one anywhere online!
    Any thoughts?
    Thank yoi!

    1. James avatar

      This sounds like a Victorian revolving bookcase, similar to the examples displayed on this page. We do have a few pictures of examples on display so have a look and see if any look similar
      Many thanks

  3. Caroline W. Crawford avatar
    Caroline W. Crawford

    I have a tall revolving antique book shelf or case with a pedestal base. It is beautiful hard wood and very old. It is unfinished

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