Antique Tea Tables

Antique Tea Table

The antique tea table was popular from the late 17th Century right through to the Victorian era. Antique tea tables come in many different forms, from small rectangular in shape to the round tilt-top design with a moulded dish top. The most common was in the side table style with a swivel top, very similar to the antique card table. Antique tea tables were all about tea presentation, because tea was very expensive during the 17th and 18th Century and was served whilst guests were visiting. Having a fine piece of furniture to serve tea on was very important, a statement piece to show your wealth. These antique tables were put in a corner or side of a room when not is use. When needed they were moved into the middle of the room sometimes on castors, for displaying their exotic teas. They would open up to double the size with two thick, figured leaves making a larger serving space, either using a swivel mechanism or by using a gate leg support. Mahogany was the main timber used in Georgian and Regency periods but other exotic woods were used on more expensive Tea tables like Rosewood or Burr Walnut on Victorian furniture. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.

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