The Antique Bonheur Du Jour is a form of antique writing table from the 19th Century Victorian period constructed using Satinwood or Mahogany and often inlaid. This style of antique desk originates from France where the name means “daytime delight”, by the late 18th Century they were made in London and simply called ‘a lady’s writing desk’. The antique bonheur du jour is always very fine looking and finished on all sides so does not have to be standing against the wall and can be appreciated from all sides. They often have a small central cabinet with fitted drawers, open shelves for paperwork or letters and stand on slender tapering legs with spade feet. The best examples were by the renowned cabinet makers, such as Gillows as they would only use the the finest timbers and add unique features, like a tambour cupboard door and sliding writing insert with original tooled leather. All the edges would be highlighted with beautiful cross banding in satinwood and have ebony string inlay. The Brass decoration would include a pieced gallery and decorative rococo styling in some of the handle designs. Have a look below at some of our lovely examples available for sale.