Antique Display Cabinets, also known as the Antique China Cabinet is a type of cupboard with glazed panelled doors used to display choice pieces of ornaments and valuable fine China. They originated from the 18th Century bookcase as they were similar in form, but as it became fashionable to display your fine objects and decorative China in the 19th century. The traditional display cabinet then became a piece of furniture on its own. Earlier 18th Century Georgian examples were built in figured Walnut veneer but are quite rare, so sought after by collectors. 19th Century Victorian and Edwardian display cabinets were often in woods such as Mahogany or Oak and became more common as most homes would have one. These beautiful pieces of furniture from this period have more decoration like fine exotic inlays or brass embellishments. Many earlier influences were used in their construction and design, like Sheraton and Chippendale. Some Victorian display cabinets have a mirrored back to reflect light into the room and make decorative objects stand out more, this is when the main form of lighting was candle light. The antique display cabinet is a very fine, delicate looking item of furniture but built to the highest of standards with interiors quite often lined in wonderful blue or red velvet materials. Have a look below at our lovely antique display cabinets for sale or to see our full collection click here.