An antique Harness cupboard, also known as a Livery cupboard, was originally used for holding and storing horse and harnesses equipment. Antique harness cupboards usually have wooden pegs in the top section for hanging and drawers below. They are very useful pieces of antique furniture and are still used today as kitchen cupboards or hall cupboards, ideal for hanging coats and storing away shoes. As they were built mainly in the 17th and 18th century, they are quite primitive in their construction, made from solid Oak, with traditional wood pegged dowels and old clout nails.  Antique harness cupboard fittings are usually made from Iron, with H hinges and rustic handles. These very attractive cupboards are constructed from the finest English solid oak and because of their early origins, this inevitably mean they are full of charm and character as one would expect with a piece well exceeding 200 years in age, along with a beautiful patina. Here on antiques world we do get some beautiful examples for sale and you can see our current selection here on our cupboards section of our website. We also do get some lovely country pieces that would compliment perfectly and we also have a few examples below.