Antique furniture wax has been used for hundreds of years as it was one of the first furniture polishes used. Fiddes furniture wax is a good example of a traditional wax still used today on antique furniture due to the fact it has very good natural protective qualities and it provides protection to the surface of the wood. It also enhances the beauty of wood by giving a nice sheen and enhances the colour and grain. Fiddes bees wax comes in two different option. The first is Fiddes Mellow Wax Furniture Polish, this has been made for finishing sealed or previously polished wood and we have been using this for years on our own antiques. It works on all woods and works especially well if you use a polish reviver first before use. The polish reviver removes all the years of dirt and grime so when you wax after this process you get a beautiful finish and shine to your timber.

fiddes furniture wax clear

The other Wax they produce is Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish, this is used on bare or striped woods and comes in several different shades, enabling you to tone new woods to look older. This can be used on all woodwork around your home along with furniture.

Use Fiddes Bes Wax to protect the Patina of your Wood

You cannot reproduce an original aged patina on antiques so using more modern spray finish will damage and dull this finish. This is why wax is so popular on antiques as it cleans and enhances rather than dulling. It is not necessarily the best resistant furniture finish for protection against water on table tops etc. but it does act as a good barrier to protect the bare wood and it is easily removed and then re applied if necessary. Fiddes wax also acts as a dust and pollutant barrier, as dust can dull the wood and make your piece of furniture look lifeless. Fiddes wax also provides some scratch resistance and can cover up some small scratches on surfaces. The coloured waxes on offer can offer extra help when covering up scratches on darker woods like oak, walnut or mahogany.

fiddes furniture wax Georgian mahogany

Fiddes wax will revive your polish, as years of dusting furniture with a polishing cloth, can fill the surface with dust particles and this can scratch and dull the finish over time. Wax on the surface of your piece of antique furniture, protects and revives the finish and the more thin layers of wax you put on over time, the better finish you will get. It is recommended to build thin layers of wax rather than thick layers as this is easier to buff off to get the best sheen. Fiddes wax provides protection to wood but it also adds depth, colour and finish to your antique furniture and it also has the benefit of having a very nice smell that will fragrance your home. We use good quality wax finishes on al our pieces of our antique furniture that we sell and we also supply fiddes wax available for sale here along with many other restoration materials.