Antique Bookcases were an essential part to a Victorian home but on rare occasions you can see a pair of antique bookcases originally built to fit into alcoves either side of the fireplace. They were also made for larger Libraries, Offices or studies in collages or would have been built for the more wealthy client as not many homes could take a matching pair of large bookcases in the same room. They are constructed in more robust timbers like solid Mahogany, English Oak and come with ample storage for a large book collection. They are nearly always glazed fronts, sometimes with astragal glazing and can either have full length doors, or sit above a cupboard base. They are also very useful as they mainly have adjustable shelves, meaning they can house different sized books from smaller to large all in one piece of furniture and can look particularly stunning with a collection of leather bound books running from top to bottom. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.