The antique bureau bookcase is a piece of furniture first seen in the Early Georgian period and the design was so popular it carried on until the early 20th century. They will usually have glazed doors above a bureau base so ideal for studying or writing with ease of access to your books or papers. They come with interesting small drawers and pigeon holes for your stationary along with lots of drawer or cupboard space. The rarest examples were from the 18th century in Walnut, often with feather banding detail on the front. They became more popular in the Georgian period with the main timbers being used was Mahogany with astragal glazed tops. During the Edwardian period, these pieces of useful furniture was heavily produced in lots of different designs as they were in the height of fashion. Often earlier Sheraton and Chippendale influences were added to their designs but with the same purpose, for storing books and combining with a writing area. Here at Antiques World we get lots of lovely examples for sale and you can see our current selection of bookcases here.