Antique Victorian Bookcases began life very similar to earlier Georgian and Regency models in design but soon came into its own. It still had a Glazed upper section above cupboard doors but new features such as rounded corners, rounded more simple pediments were fitted and they always had to be highly french polished. The later Victorian cabinet maker liked to add astragal glazing bars, some simple carvings to the door fronts and also favoured more open bookcases, for ease of access to the reading material. The very late Victorian bookcases, were more heavily carved, often with a secretaire drawer fitted and plain glass doors. Oak, Walnut and Mahogany was the timbers used in construction along with fine inlay such as string inlay and banded edges. The best examples are the earliest models, more simple in design, still in the original finish, and traditionally cleaned to a high standard like we do here on Antiques World. The antique bookcase has always been one of the most useful pieces of antique furniture and the Victorian period produced some fine examples. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.