Antique Edwardian Chests are from the reign of King Edward VII’s in Britain from 1901 to 1911. Edwardian Chest of Drawers from this period were made with the help of machines. Antique Edwardian chests would have machine cut dovetails but the quality of timbers used were still superb, with Solid Mahogany, Satinwood and Walnut being used. Earlier influences were used in their decoration, from the Georgian Chippendale Ogee bracket feet to fine Hepplewhite inlay along with the newly formed Arts and Crafts traditional handmade chests. They would usually be highly french polished by skilled craftsmen, and produced by some of the best and most well known cabinet makers like Maple and Co along with Waring and Gillows. Some of the earlier Georgian and Victorian chests, were recycled by by the Edwardian cabinet maker. These chests were adapted to be made smaller, so they could fit into the new smaller homes but are really nice quality as they have the earlier solid timbers and quality brass handles. They make the ideal bedside chest being so small but still with lots of storage. The antique Edwardian chest of drawers can be as good quality as an earlier predecessors but at a fraction of the price, so can be a really good investment. Have a look below at our lovely examples available for sale.